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Cosplay Thursday

So Poppers welcome back to another Cosplay Thursday. Again I have some amazing cosplay to show you. So take a look and enjoy.


Source: Cosplay Facebook

Paramount Revals Transformers Title

transformers-4-poster__130903233023 So Paramount reveal the name to of the next Transformer Title, “Transformer: Age of Extinction”. Also they released a teaser poster of the up coming flick. This time around Michael Bay has the fun of blowing up things around stars, Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, Jack Reynor, Nicola Peltz, Sophia Myles, TJ Miller, Titus Welliver, Han Geng and Li Bingbing. The movie is currently in production in Chicago with many explosion all around town. Well okay maybe not all around town but I bet Michael Bay would love to do some blowing things up real good around Chicago. Lets hope that he blows things up good, real good.

Cosplay Thursday

Hey all and welcome back to another Cosplay Thursday. I hope you find this weeks group of cosplayers as amazing as me. My favorite of the group is the guy dressed as Finn on the bus. Brave bastard.

Source: Cosplay in Facebook

Man Of Steel 2 Teaser Trailer

Hey Poppers

So you all know that the main cast has be set for the next Superman movie, Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman, Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman man and Bryan Cranston as Lex Luther. If you do not know that then man where have you been hiding. Well a crafty person, solyentbrak1 has put together a fine trailer for the movie. Using various clips for different films solyenbrak1 done a find job. I have to say some to the fan made movie clips are a hell of a lot better than the one the movie studio put out.

Source: YouTube, Solyentbrak1

Check out his YouTube page for all the sources he/she used to make the clip.

Movie Monday’s: ABE

Hey Poppers

Welcome back to another Movie Monday. Boys and girls do I have a good one for you today. Meet Dexter….I mean Abe. Abe is a robot that is having a bit of a crises. Abe is a robot with emotions, programed emotions but emotion none the less. Once Abe worked for a family, he looked after them and he loved them. They also in turn love him back. Along the way the family stopped loving Abe and Abe believed that something was wrong and he needed to fix them, and others.

This short film was written and directed by Rob McLellan. Produced by Rob McLellan, Liz Ridings and Mark Shuteland.

You can also see a interview with director Rob McLellan at Back To The Movies

Source: Youtube

Movie Mondays: The Archiver

Hey Poppers

Welcome back to another Movie Monday. Today’s short is the “The Archiver” A robot/cyborg returns from a mission to report information that his has gathered. This short just gives us a small glimpse into what it has seen but I take away from one scene that it is not all that happy about one encounter.

Directed by Thomas Obrecht, Guillaume Berthoumieli and March Mennegier

Source: Youtube