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Grimm Fairy Tales – Steam Punk – Alice in Wonderland – 1 Shot Review




Writer: Ryan Fassett

Artwork: Noah Salonga(1-7) & Fritz Casas(8-29)

Colors: Robby Bevard (1-7) & Erick Arciniega(8-29)

Letters : Taylor Esposito

I honestly had no idea what to expect from “Steampunk- Alice in Wonderland”. I had a vague idea what the term “Steam punk” meant and had heard it referenced to WWE wrestler “Becky Lynch’s” style of dress, but other then that was not overly familiar with the term. Steampunk is a blending of historical setting , time appropriate tech and a great sense of adventure. This book lived up vividly to that description.

Alice in Wonderland has been told several times obviously, but this re imagining had more grit to it then a lot of the others I have seen. Alice seems a more independent lass this time around who simply wants to make the world better through her inventions. She doesn’t want to be the belle of the ball, or the center of attention. I can respect that……

The story itself flows well and is actually a relatively complex read which I enjoyed thoroughly. Writer Ryan Fassett caught my attention and held it on this book. At times it felt like a scene spanning trilogy instead of the 1 shot that it was. To me ,the more story the better so it worked on that level. My only critique of the writing was what almost seemed like 20th century slang in 17th century Victorian Britian. It just seemed out of place in this story.

A bit  of Alice’s brief origin gave us a good starting point and several aspects of the re-imagined Alice in Wonderland was introduced at well paced intervals within the story. This story is the stuff that’s sourced for material for TV series. I know that’s a big leap, but this story worked that well for me. Strong, well written, female characters sell. I hope they continue Alice Liddles story in a future series.

The art also worked quite well. By using two artists you were able to succinctly create a visual border between Victorian earth and the Wonderland. Noah Salonga captured the essence of shadowy, arcane feeling of Victorian England quite well, while Fritz Casas take on this re-imagined Wonderland gave it the more opposing landscape visual appeal that it required. The attention to detail in their paneling really conveyed the frenetic of the story. One other thing I noted was the fact that Alice dressed a bit more conservatively. Good characters don’t NEED to be bursting out of their corsets. Save something for the variants 😉

Like the art, the color was also broke down by worlds. Robby Bevard brought some lovely shades to emphasize the royal feel of Victoria, while Erick Arciniega built up Wonderland  using shadowy browns , blues and shade of orange. Great job done here

I hope there is a follow -up series to this book. There’s more story to be told.

Book was released Feb.9th and is on shelves on now.





Grimm Fairy Tales – Day of The Dead Issue #1 – A few thoughts






I was a bit apprehensive when I saw the title of this book as I am a bit “zombied out” at this point .I was pleasantly surprised when I read along and realized it was a story of the “other” zombies. Those born(died?) of the occult.

The basic synopsis of the story is that heroine Mary Medina(A very attractively drawn dead raiser in her own right) has been sent a mysterious message summoning her to New Orleans(n’orleans to the locals),and it doesn’t take long for her to find out that danger is awaiting her once she gets there. This is part 1 of a 6 part series.

I liked this book for the most part and will be picking up part 2 because I’m curious about where the story of Mary Medina(does she have a code name? None that I saw.) is going. You can read more of her history in Grimm Fairy Tales #114 but they do  a pretty good job of giving you a brief history of her here. I think this very important to cover when you have a new series of a previously featured character. A wise man once said “Every comic is some ones first”… was Stan Lee…he was the wise man :/.

The art was beautifully done by Allan Otero. I couldn’t draw a bath, but I’m surprised why Marvel or DC hasn’t enlisted his talents at some point. I’ve seen much less appealing (to me…all things subjective)art in their books then what he has on display in this book. Hell, even his clothes creases look well done.:)

Writer Dawn P. Marquez tells an interesting first part of this story. Good introspection of the character and where she feels she is at in the world….and where she may want to be. Dawn was also able to show a sense of vulnerability and uncertainty both in her characters confidence, and her powers.

There were a few things that stood out for me as head scratcher .Mardi Gras didn’t seem all that busy. A more fleshed out crowd during those panels would have been more realistic. Plus, the flasher (buy the book to find out if it’s a he or she. That’s called a “hook” folks;))probably would have been a bit drunker before the flashing went down. Then again…..Mardi Gras. Also, being New Orleans it would have been nice to have more references to local landmarks as the action moved from area to area(Only Bourbon Street was mentioned)

As mentioned earlier I’ll buy Part 2 to see where the story goes next. I believe it’s on Sale in March. Check Zenescopes site for full details.

Cheers until next time

Story: Joe Brusha

Art: Allan Otero

Writer: Dawn P.Marquez

Letters: Kurt Hathaway

Colors: Erick Arciniega


Red Agent-The Human Order Issues #1 & #2 of 12 – Zenescope

redagent_tho_01-cover-a redagent_tho_02-cover-b


I’m going to try to keep this review as balanced as I can, as I believe there is something for everyone in each comic.

The basic synopsis of these books is that we are in a world of highborn and Monsters ..and they are hiding in plain sight. Governments of the world have enlisted their own highborn to police their own. This is their story…..

The art was not bad. I felt it got better in the second issue for some reason. I did notice in some of the panels that the art(facial expressions) didn’t really match up with the dialogue that was associated with it. The women are drawn busty and beautiful, so if you enjoy that type of art you might want to pick up this book. I did notice the breasts changed sizes sometimes from panel to panel which struck me as odd(story had 3/4 artists which might explain that)

The writing left a bit to be desired to me. I saw a few grammatical errors that should have been caught in proofreading and editing. We all make errors(I’m sure I have here)but these I felt were obvious. Some of the cursing seemed out of place for the situation and characters involved. Almost seemed some of it was cursing for the sake of cursing.

Part of this to me is attributed to “The Cloak Rule”. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a superhero or villain with a cloak “Shit talk”(Maybe  Spawn?) as part of their dialogue. It just looks very much out of place. The villain in question however did have a cool name in “Half Euro”

The storyline itself was not too badly developed, but I felt the characters were written a bit generically and I could not really relate to any of them.

I doubt I’ll read anymore of this series but as I said, the second issue seemed marginally better so it may pick up. They certainly can draw the female form quite heartily.

Writer: Joe Brusha/Lou Iovino

Artwork: Wilton Santos/Chiara Colassanti/Daniel Maine/RenanShody/Ario Murti

Colors: Hedwin Zalidivar

Letters: Taylor Esposito

Production and Design: Christopher Cote



Grimm Tales of Terror. No.1,Vol.3



The re-imagined story of the invisible man. How would you react if someday no one could see you? Would you use your powers for good? Or would you find a darker side within yourself? This is a story of just that question.

I should start out by saying I liked the general vibe of this story. Artist Umberto Giampa is able to capture the dark and foreboding sense of the 50’s & 60’s horror novels very well and the panels flowed well with the story. Colorist Robby Bevard made good use of shades of darkness to accentuate the art. The writing was ,well, a bit simplistic for my tastes, but it did fit this 1 shot story which does have an ample amount of foul language in it .The language did however fit into the character of the storyline.

Like with any good horror story there is no happy ending here. If there is a moral here it’s that you should watch what you do, and know when enough is enough because sooner or later………even an invisible man can be seen

Story: Joe Brusha/Ralph Tedesco

Writer: Ralph Tedesco

Artwork: Umberto Giampa

Colors: Robby Bevard

Letters: Fabio Amelia


Comic Review: Hellchild #1 of 5

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 7.01.43 PMPublisher: Zenescope

Writer: Pat Shand

Art: Vincenzo Riccardi

Colors: Eleonora Bruni

Letters: Jim Campbell

Release Date: 3/23/16


Thousands of years ago, Hades, the God of the
Underworld, had a daughter named Angelica.
Because of his own foolish schemes, Angelica was
tragically killed. But present day Hades is a changed
man. In a committed relationship with vampire
hunter, Liesel Van Helsing, Hades has taken to
fighting evil. However, as a new threat rises up in
New York City, Van Helsing and Hades will be forced
to face the consequences of his past evils. This is
the story of the Hellchild…

Source: Hellchild

Yeah okay that is cheating just copying and pasting that part out of the inside page. Just giving you a idea of what is going on here. So there.

After a small introduction to our lead characters.  We a thrust forward to a lovely battle between some juiced up vamps, Hades and the Liesel Van Helsing. Oh yeah there is kid vamp here. Nice touch. Looks and acts like a rabid monkey. Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 10.28.05 PM

A common thread I have been finding in story telling is the not being honest with the one you love. Again this shows up here as Van Helsing takes something to Hades. Van Helsing plans on surprising Hades and we all now that not going to turn out good.

Vamps trying to take control, Vamps trying to raise a dead Morgana and Van Helsing trying to raise Hades dead daughter. There is a whole lot of action is this first issue. Oh hell there is another Vamp up to no good also. These stories are nicely weaved together and you do not get lost wondering what is going on.

Oh just so you know this book is not all staby, staby and bringing the dead back to life. There is a humorous scene in the lower levels of the city where Leslie is called Marian’s ‘Little Friend’. Of course this does not end well for one of the bouncers they meet.

Pat Shand does what a writer should do in the first book. Lay down the ground work to the introduction characters and story.  Also getting the reader wondering what coming next. Pat also moves between comedy and horror making the book much more enjoyable to read.

Art by Vincenzo Riccardi does a good job of moving that action along. The fighting action from panel to panel is done well.

In the end I give Hellchild #1 or 5 a 3.5 pops out of 5. Not a bad book for a #1 but lets see how it moves forward from here.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


Review: Inferno – Resurrection #1

infernoPublisher: Zenescope

Writer: Ralph Tedesco

Artist: Antonio Bifulco

Colors: Erick Arciniega

Letter: Jim Campbell

Release Date 1/13/16

This is the first issue of a 5 part series and like most first issues this is a introduction to our lead characters.  Our lead is Mercy Dante a one time assassin that after killing herself gets a second chance. This time working for the Devil.  The Devil has a small problem with some of the horde from below escaping to the above world and need to be returned.

A chance encounter with a young woman during one of Mercy hunts sets up the story that will lead Mercy to the villain of the series, Mr Russell. Mr Russell is a local gangster in Los Angeles that happens to use escaped demons from hell as muscle to collect out standing debts.  Also we learn later that  Mr Russell also has a taste for the dark side of life.

Writer Ralph Tedesco does a good job of introducing the new reader to Mercy.  Giving the reader a quick history of Mercy and how she got her second chance. The reader is given a small hint of a character in her past but you don’t need to know to enjoy this first book.  The story did grab me enough to follow up with the next book in the series.  The dialogue between characters feels natural and moves the story along at a good pace.

Art by Antonio Bifulco is fantastic and some of the best I have seen in the Zenescope line.  Zenescope has begun to line up some impressive talent and it is really shows. I have always been a art guy first and the work of Antonio caught my attention. I also have to say with the help of colorist Erick Arciniega, Antonio facial expressions and creepy melting faces really pop out.

So in the end I give Inferno – Resurrection #1 3.5 pops out of 5.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.




Comic Review: Van Helsing Vs Dracula

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.05.13 PMPublisher: Zenescope

Writer: Pat Shand

Art: Michele Bandini

Colors: Walter Pereyra

Letters: Jim Campbell

Editor: Nicole Glade

Once again with creative writing and great art, Zenescope has created another interesting story updating old characters and placing them in the present. Zenescope has slowly been moving their characters to more of a real world(yes I know it is comics) and away from the magical realm of their earlier stories.

Each story now flows into a world where magic and the occult are present. Van Helsing Vs Dracula keeps the movement going forward.

Van Helsing is living the live or in this case her job as a vampire killer. Pat Shand has again written a character that speaks and thinks like we do. Sometime serious and other times using humor to remove tension. As her father before her, her Nemesis is Dracula. Besides follow in the family business, Van Helsing has vengeance on her mind because Dracula turned her father and she was forced to kill him.

When a friend calls,  Harker asking for help for his infected girlfriend, Mina. Van Helsing sets of with her boyfriend.  Now her boyfriend happens to be Hades. Hades has something going on behind Van Helsing’s back. Ummmmm what could it be? Hades and Harker don’t see eye to eye and it builds some extra tension in the room. Both Van Helsing and Hades have a different method of finding out what is effecting  Mina. Looking forward to see how Pat writes this coming conflict.

The art work of Michele Bandini is great. Clean and with hints of Anime influence in his art style. Michele does a great job of mixing North American and Anime. The two things that caught my attention were two simple things. First our heroine is not wearing high heels.  Finally someone give us a practically foot wear. I have a hard time believing that woman would wear high heels to battle.  Second is one small thing, Van Helsing drooling as she sleeps in the arms of Hardes.  Not the most attractive thing but it makes the character more real to me. If only Van Helsing outfit  would become more battle particle.

Hey Van Helsing is hot for 200 years old but fish net stockings to fight vampires, really?

Van Helsing Vs Dracula is a very entertaining read and well worth your money.

I give Van Helsing VS Dracula 4 pops out of 5.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


John G M Burke

Oh one small thing guys. You missed a arm Harkers glass on page 5, first panel. But hey I just a nerd.