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The Gifted

Byran Singer is once again playing in the X-Men universe this time with The Gifted. The Gifted focuses on a suburban couple, Reed Stucker (Stephen Moyer) and Caitlin Stucker (Amy Acker), who are forced to go on the run when they find out their children Lauren and Andy (Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hynes White) have mutant powers.

Additional casting details announced by Variety include Sean Teale as Eclipse, Jamie Chung as Blink, Blair Redford as Thunderbird, Emma Dumont as Polaris, and Coby Bell as Jace Turner.

The trailer shows that the  whereabouts of the X-Men and The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants are unknown. Reed and his family face additional complications due to his job being part of law enforcement crackdown on mutants, which ups the ante on keeping the kids safe from themselves and others while trying to fond someone who can help them control their powers.

The trailer has that original feel of the first X-Men film where this explores the feeling of been hates and an outcast. If the show can keep this feeling and Fox doesn’t panic this show has some potential.

 Source: SyFy, Youtube

Coming To Netflix Canada In May

Some of the highlights coming in May is War Machine starring Brad Pitt

Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie


Other shows coming to Netflix Canada The Last Kingdom, Master Of None, Bloodline, F is for Family, Umbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Original comedies Maria Banford: Old Baby, Simplemente Many NNa. Norm Macdonald: Hitler’s Dog, Gossip & Trickery, Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive, Hasan Minhag: Homecoming King and Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust

Among some other highlights, Denial, Deepwater Horizon, Role Models, MMXXL, Moonlight, Silver Linings Playbook, San Andreas, The Eagle Huntress, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Girl With All The Gifts, Marvel’s Doctor Strange and Chappie

Source: Netflix

Deadpool The Musical

Okay I am a little late seeing this and passing it on so I am hoping you have not seen this awesome Deadpool Musical.  The musical is a parody of the Beauty and the Beast “Gaston” song. Right? I think it is that what it says on the Youtube page.

Oh hell it doesn’t matter just have fun watching it. A lot of time and love went into this production and it really, really shows.

Directed/Edited by Julian Higgins (

Executive Producer – Michael Parker
Producers – Julian Higgins, Brian Danner, Paul Bianchi

Written by Paul Bianchi
Concept by Michael Parker and Julian Higgins

Director of Photography: Pierce Cook (

Production Designer: Paul Bianchi
Art Director: Jo Crandall

Wardrobe Supervisor: Bridget Desjarlais

Stunt Coordinator and Fight Choreographer: Brian Danner

Source: YouTube, Zamurai Productions, LLC

Marvel – X-men -Gold- #1 – Review and a few thoughts



This book had a good vibe to it. Full disclosure. I have not read an X-book in almost 4 years, so this was very much a fresh start for this new team. A new team that is probably the closest thing to the “classic” line up of X-men #94 that I have seen in years. This book had a lot in it, and it needed to, to cover all the ground it required for a re-launch this big.

Marc Guggenheim has a good sense for what he wants this book to be. It’s a lot less darker than the X-world has been in the last few years. Much more of a sense of hope, instead of one of just survival. The X-men appear to know how to be well….”human” again. How to enjoy a day at the park…..even if they happen to live there now. There’s a cool few panels that anyone who has ever jumped first and thought of the consequences later would completely understand. You can stay…but you have to pay.

Adrian Syaf rivals Jim Lee in his depiction of the X-men, and it is good to see someone with that much attention to detail in facial expressions back at the helm again of an X-book. I had seen some of his earlier work on Captain Britain and MI13, but his attention to detail has grown even stronger since 2009.

They hit all the high points they needed to hit to get this book off to the right start. Lydia Nance had a unique take on why she thinks Mutants are still a threat to the world even though many others have been discovered who could fit that description. For Lydia, timing and a lack of control makes Genome X public enemy #1.The way Kitty Pryde has been written, she seems to get that time is the only thing that will heal SOME human fears about mutants. That there is no silver bullet to solve this and that doing good….is really the only thing they can do right now. Understanding why people are afraid is just an important as having them not be afraid.

I did have a small issue with the opening conflict. Terrax(minor spoiler) was dispatched rather quickly for being the level 9 bad ass that he is. He’s a former freaking herald of Galactus!!….anyway other then that I thought the book read well and am looking forward to the next issue. I won’t have to wait long as Marvel is going bi weekly with this title so every 2 weeks it’s on the newsstands.

Few other quick notes. There’s a pretty cool “Road to X-men Gold” which gives you a 6 page review of the X-men lore so far, hitting quite a few of the high points over the last 50 plus years. Also, there’s a nice letter at the back from Marc Guggenheim thanking us all for taking this ride with him, and giving us a chance to name this new X-men book(actually glad about that. Wasn’t looking forward to them calling it “X-men Gold”.).

Thumbs up

Writer : Marc Guggenheim

Artist: Ardian Syaf

Inker: Jay Leisten

Colorist: Frank Martin

lettered : Cory Petit



X-Men: Prime – Marvel Comics- Review and a few thoughts


This book is kind of a jumping on point I think after having jumped off a while ago for me. I simply got tired of constant cross overs and “Big” events. I’m hoping with X-men: Prime that this is the beginning of a more stream lined approach to the X-universe that will have some self -contained series where they can focus issue to issue instead of making it part of a bigger story. A full year of a no title crossover run is my wish………

I also want a pony. We’ll see which I get first.

This first issue of a new start seems to be heading in the right direction. I’m not kidding myself. This issue was very much a “primer” for the next 3 series being released (X-men Gold, X-men Blue and Weapon X)which are coming out next month, but there is a well written narrative by Marc Guggenheim(or Greg Pak, or Cullen Bunn. They are not really clear about that part) featuring Kitty Pryde that serves this purpose well. All the folks working on the above mentioned titles are featured in this book. Along with artists Ken Lashley, Ibraim Roberson and Leonard Kirk.

If you’re looking for a break down of Gold and Blue from 92′ its not here to be found. More of an out with the old(think 60’s) in with the whoever is left. Weapon X, from the side story inside ,looks like it will be continuing it’s run as the team of the “shady” X-men .As I went through the book I realized “God, has that X- crew grown since 1992”.There was a piece of dialogue in this book where Kitty mused that at one point in time Angel thought 13 X-men were a lot .I think if I remember correctly this was a nod to the re-launch 25 years ago.

Interesting to see Kitty Pryde take over as the new “Headmaster” it would seem. Times certainly have changed from when she was the kid of the team. Speaking of kids, I had no idea Jubilee was now a mom. God, I am getting older than dirt. If there was a twist to this book, I guess you call that its last panel. Seems their move to Limbo was temporary and Kitty thinks it’s time they became the “Heroes” they once were. I’m not quite sure their new home is the best idea, but at the very least it puts them smack dab in the middle of things again and should make for some interesting storylines.

Glad I bought this book. I’m hoping this is the beginning of a more solid continuity to the X-men in the Marvel universe. In more than a few ways, they have been treated like the Red headed step child for the last 15 or so years and it’s time to bring them back home. I’m giving all 3 new series a 5 issue commitment to try them. They are off to a good start so far.

Book is on the racks now.

Cover Artists : Ardian Syaf, Jay Leisten, Laura Martin

Writers: Marc Guggenheim, Greg Pak, Cullen Bunn

Pencillers: Ken Lashley, Ibaim Roberson, Leonard Kirk

Inkers:Ken Lashley, Ibraim Roberson, Guillermo Ortego

Colorists: Morry Hollowell, Frank D’armata, Michael Garland





Marvel – Spider-man: Homecoming – Trailer


I know this is going to be a good movie. Everything I have seen so far tells me this is going to be a good movie. It’s got a funny Spider-man…….it’s got Michael Keaton……’s got Iron Man AND Robert Downey JR.It’s got a pretty decent looking version of a villain not yet seen before(I don’t count the shot of the wings in that OTHER movie.).I think i’m just Spider Manned out.It’s that simple.

Having said that, let’s take a look at this new trailer with as unfiltered an eye as we can muster……….. Okay, I’m back. I think that Michael Keaton and Robert Downey Jr are either going to make or break this movie. The new kid (Tom Holland , who I have to admit looks the part better then any of the other folks who played Spider-man before him)seems to have some decent acting  chops, but I think his interpersonal relationship with Tony Stark and his Antagonist/Protagonist back and forth with the Vulture(Michael Keaton) will make or break this movie. I mean, let’s be honest, we’ve all seen Spider-man swing through the city a thousand times on film by now. This film has to have more in the way of interpersonal relationships for it to be a hit.

Michael Keaton was a great choice to cast as the Vulture. Fitting also since we was Spider-mans first real “Supervillan” way back in Amazing Spider-man #2 .I know, I know , I left out the Chameleon, but I meant someone who went “toe to toe” with Spider-man. Wouldn’t it be a mark- out moment if Vulture examined his wings and said in a Dark voice” Steel wings…..different, but not alien to me”.

This movie will make a tonne of money. It just will. I just hope some of it’s merit is based on quality and not just on history. Movie drops July.7th. 2nd Trailer below.

Kingpin- Book 2-Marvel Comics – Review





I enjoyed the first book in this series, and had been looking forward to reading the follow -up. Matthew Rosenberg(writer) continues to flesh out the characters at a steady enough pace to move the story along, while giving the readers a chance to see a side of the Kingpin that we may not have seen yet. We know he had a strong emotional attachment to his wife Vanessa, but we may not have seen his sense of almost “Robin Hood’ like charity to those less fortunate, and his connection to them. We all have a wounded child inside of us…..even the Kingpin.

We’re reminded that even though the Kingpin may want to present himself in a different light , many vestiges of his past may not want the world to forget exactly who he is. They come in 3 forms in this 2 nd chapter. The underworld around him, the politics around him and the hook for the next issue. This hook comes in the form of an appearance I was hoping would be held off for a few more issues. I suspect this may have been a corporate decision to go in this direction so soon and I was looking forward to this book having a more “solo” feel to it for just a bit longer.

One of the main characters of this book “Sarah” is showing more depth in 2 issues then some other Marvel characters have been receiving in 10 issues thanks to Rosenberg’s attention to character building.It seems she’ll be playing a lead role for quite some time, so the fact she is being fleshed out so well is good building on Rosenberg’s part.

Ben Torres art once again helped convey a well written story .Subtle changes in facial expressions from panel to panel can say so much. Especially where more complex emotions have to be conveyed instead of, for example, just a simple toned battle scene. When you can feel emotions changing panel to panel that to me is a sign of good work.

I noticed Colorist Johnathan Boyd used more Black and whites and fleshier tones when colouring the panels this time. Gave it kind of “Sin City” vibe to it which matched the story subject and surrounding subplots.

If there was one small critique of the book I could find it would have been the use of the “Underworld” figures that they did use, and in the context that they used them. Would have liked to have seen that confrontation on a more private level.

Still, a very good outing and I’m enjoying the series very much so far. Looking forward to the next issue.

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg

Artist: Ben Torres

Color Artist: Johnathan Boyd

Letterer: Travis Lanham