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Standing In Line For Todd McFarlane Autograph

Note: I had plan on releasing this as soon I returned home for the Calgary Expo. Well that was the plan but I got hit by the con bug and was out for few days. Well better late then never.

So it is day two of the Calgary Expo and my son and I got in to The Big Four building so he could get a hologram print, which he never bought.  So I thought WTF why not get in line to get a couple books signed. Todd was schedule to be signing  from 1pm to 7pm. Yeah that is a large amount of time set aside for signing.


Time was passing and the line, well the line I was in hardly moved. Now before you think I am bitching i am not. Todd was spending time with each person coming to get his autograph. It may only a few minutes but nevertheless he was taking the time to meet his fans.

I got Stan Lee autograph last year. The line was larger and his time was short but man they scuffled you through. It may have been because they were worried he may bite the dust at any minute. He didn’t folks.

Though some folks are annoyed I have not seen any leave. That is all because of the fact that it is Todd McFarlane and this maybe some folks only chance to see him. I am one of those few.

A big thanks to Todd for spending his time meeting his fans.

Oh I have no plan on selling my signed copies. They are for my personal viewing. Well until I die and then the books will go to my son or daughter.  After that??????

P.S. I waited 3 hrs to get these two books signed.  Worth it.


God Country – Image – Issue #4 – Review and a few thoughts

I have a granddaughter now. Like Emmett, I pretty much would follow her to hell to bring her back too if she was taken from us. That’s what this 4th issue delves into. A trip to hell. Balegrim has taken something very precious to Emmett and he wants her back.

I’ve heard rumors that this is only a 6 issue series. Rumors , I say because like butt holes it seems everyone has one. There might be a hint to that in this issue as (minor spoiler) the trip to hell isn’t near as long as you’d think it would have been. It does the job but I could have stood to see more exploration of this version of hell. There’s a bit of foreshadowing of things to come in the form of a dangerous looking animal surveying the scene so maybe there’s another trip back there in the works.

I’ve liked that Donnie Cates has kept the cast of characters in this book relatively small so that you get a decent fleshing out of their personalities and insight into what makes them tick. There’s a really compelling 3 page run in the book that examines our characters relationship with god and how that can be judged and questioned in the face of strife .Some really good dialogue here. The development of the “non god” relationship between Roy and Janey has been an interesting and necessary subplot to the book.

The main hero of this chapter is Valofax in that he is able to be the strategist and warrior that we forget Emmett is not really ready to be. Interesting nod to “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” here also. We’re also reminded in this chapter that although Emmett has the power of the gods now, he still has ties to his humanity that can be used to hurt him when need be. I think is an important plot point for this hero to have.

A majority of the media spotlight has been shone on Donnie Cates writing for giving this book the popularity it deserves .However, Geoff Shaw’s art has played a huge part , by being able to convey  a combination of the country simplicity and regal war of the gods feeling of Donnie’s words .His wispy attention to detail in facial features covers every nuance of the characters emotions during the story, and his beautiful renderings of contrasting landscapes, whether the barren slate of hell, or the rustic home style of Texas have brought such a warm and  unique feel to this book. The shades of shadowy dark inking used in this book lends a sense of foreboding to the story that has worked since issue #1.

Book 5 is due out May.17th.Highly recommend this.

Story: Donny Cates

Art: Geoff Shaw, Jason Wordie, John J.Hill

Colorist: Jason Wordie

Letterer: John J Hill





Image Comics- Black Cloud #1- Review and a few thoughts.


Wasn’t sure what to make of this after the first read. Read it the second time this morning and things started to come together. I hope so anyway. At this point I may be reading this issue all wrong.

First, I should point out that the first three pages are beautifully drawn and coloured. Greg Hinkle has drawn really great art there. The book itself is the beginning of a story which seems to involve, for lack of better term, on dream weavers. The story focuses on Zelda(I got that from the solicitations as I don’t think she is referenced as anyone other than “Ms. Barrett in the story)and her making her way in the world by giving the world the drug it always wanted…….the ability to make their dreams come true. Bringing along Zelda as their guide is just part of the deal.

These worlds of dreams seem all interconnected which COULD make for a story that would rival the magical world of Harry Potter if done right. More than once during the story there are references to her coming from “below” and there seems to be more than a few references to someone from above who seems to be a nemesis of hers with props such as water and lightning bolts involved. At this point I’m beginning to think that this is the beginning of a saga about temptation and a struggle of good vs Evil. I’m not really sure Zelda is on the side of the angels…..yet.

Greg Hinkles art has kind of dreamy, rustic, dark , yet elegant feeling to it and when I read the book the second time I could feel the style growing on me. Colorist Matt Wilson did a beautiful job specifically on those first 3 pages and throughout the book he was able to weave the bright blues, browns and  shades of oranges of the Technicolor real world, with dull greys and blacks of a persons dream state(Except Bowie, who always dreamed in Color)

Over all I enjoyed the writing style of Jason Latour and Ivan Brandon although sometimes I felt like I was missing a lot of information about this world they are creating ,but like any good writer would plot……all in good time. There was a nice hook for the next book as someone is after Zelda and whether that be a specific nemesis or just a general guardian against what she is doing with the dream world remains to be seen. One thing that has been established is that Zelda is a power to be reckoned with in this dream world and it’s citizens have a lot of respect for this “old blood”. Lots of questions by the end of this chapter. Will pick up the next chapter off the shelf. If you enjoy the mystical and the feeling of something bigger this may be a book for you.

Next chapter is on sale May.10th

Story: Jason Latour & Ivan Brandon

Script: Ivan Brandon

Art: Greg Hinkle

Color: Matt Wilson

Lettering : Aditya Bidikar

Image Comics – God Country #3- Review – A few thoughts


Hi Folks, just a few thoughts on the latest issue of “God Country” that I just completed. Chapter 3 was very much a lull before the storm chapter……. and then that storm showed up. The pacing for this book has been very well done. Hats off to Donnie Cates for able to tell what is becoming an epic tale with just the right amount of hills and valleys.

These are not perfect characters. Which makes them even more endearing and relatable to the reader. Valofax, which is basically a talking sword, has a social awkwardness you might find in a 12 year old boy, instead of a living weapon that has seen the lives and deaths of millions across the Cosmos. That age old awkward, generational  relationship that some fathers and sons have is on full display here also .It just happens  to be playing out during a time of gods and demons. Donnie Cates nails this back and forth dialogue so wonderfully that I can’t help but wonder if it is coming from life experience.

We had a new member of the cast show up this issue in the evil of Balegrim. His show of force was just enough of an introduction  to sow the seeds of curiosity on how he plays into all of this bigger picture. At this point in time I have no idea where the story is going next and I am looking forward to that aspect each month now. Minor spoiler for this story. It’s going straight to hell……..I think. Either way…….As a grandfather, I too can relate to the one thought that was blazing through Emmett’s head “You do not F*ck with the grandkids”….

Geoff Shaw’s  art continues to help set the tone for a great look for this book. When I see his work the terms “Rustic”, “Grainy” and “windswept” comes to mind and his characters sharp features help convey the story panel to panel. He’s got a solid future ahead of him. Jason Wordie also has kept the colors of a darker nature . The darker black inks have been plentiful  to help convey the almost somber feel that the tale has sometimes.

If EBAY is any indicator people are beginning to show a lot of interest in this series. If you find a copy in your local store I would scoop it up as I suspect it may not be there much longer. Numbers were hitting $50.00….. sold for the 1rst issue on line.

Issue #4 is slated out April 19th.This is a good story. Please check it out if you have a chance. Cheers.

Writer: Donnie Cates

Artist: Geoff Shaw

Colorist: Jason Wordie.




Comic Review- God Country




Writer: Donny Cates

Art: Geoff Shaw

Jason Wordie: Color

John J Hill: Letters and Design


I like the title of this book from Image. I’ve been forever calling my home province “God’s Country”. Glad to this take on it here.

Alzheimer’s is known as “The Long Goodbye”. It traps the person that once was, inside of a shell that is slowly dying around them. But…..what if that person…..was a God? That’s the basic hook for this story. I was a bit reminded of the persona of Donald Blake and The Mighty Thor as I read this book. A connection that can turn a frail mortal into a powerful god.

I liked the concept of the story, however I found the dialogue a bit muddled. Almost like the writer was using a dialect or “Twang” he wasn’t used to .The comic is set in West Texas, so the story is written in  a bit of a “y’ all” tone, and I found some of the written mannerisms distracted from the flow of the story.

I enjoyed the art of Geoff Shaw, and with the exception of a few panels, I found the depictions flowed nicely with the storyline. I’d characterize his style as “sweeping and rustic” and I’d probably pick up a book in the future based on just his art alone.

Colorist did a fine job of bringing the story to life in mixtures of earth tones that meshed well together.

I’ll probably end up buying the second issue since the antagonist never really reared his head until the last panel. It wasn’t my favourite book this month, but it was a nice surprise. Would have liked to have seen the storyline furthered along a bit more but we’ll see where it’s going.

The Changing Role of Woman In Comics

Hey Poppers


In a recent article by Sam LeBas (@comicsonice) and Will Brooker (@willbrooker) about the sexism in comics at Talking Comics.  The article  talks about how sexism is still present and woman still have to struggle for their place in the comics industry. But with the percentage of woman readers hitting a high of 46.67% according to Market research more and more woman are enjoying comics.  Also with superhero and comic properties showing up all over the place from movies, TV, clothing and video games and trying to capture a larger audience. Woman will becoming more and more interested in the world of comics may decide to enter the comic book world.

The is a really great article and if you feel the same way as I do. That no matter the sex of the writer and/or artist it is a good story and art the a real comic fan wants. Not who rights or draws the book.

Please go over to Talking Comics and have a read.

Source: Talking Comics

Image Comics 2015 Annoucements

This week at the 2015 Image Comics Expo announced their upcoming line up for this years comic releases. Image the leader(in my opinion) creator own comics has numerous comics rolling out. Writers and artists such as Scott Snyder (WYTCHES, Batman) and artist Jeff Lemire (Trillium, Sweet Tooth). Skottie Young (Fortunately, the Milk, Rocket Raccoon, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz) and Jean-Francois Beaulieu (Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz). Writer Kieron Gillen (THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, Young Avengers) and artist Jamie McKelvie (THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, Young Avengers). Many more of the top writers and artists in the world of comics.

Image has become a leader in helping creators get their work out  and into the hands of comic book fans. Success like  The Walking Dead, Saga, Invincible, Spawn and Rat Queens have showed the company’s wiliness to take a chance on books and their creators.  DC and Marvel are still the top dogs in the industry but for original ideas you can not go wrong with a Image book.

Some of the titles coming in 2015 are AD: After Death, Black Road, I Hate Fairyland, Heaven, Island & 8House and many more. Follow the link, Image Comics to see a complete list of the comics.