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The Changing Role of Woman In Comics

Hey Poppers


In a recent article by Sam LeBas (@comicsonice) and Will Brooker (@willbrooker) about the sexism in comics at Talking Comics.  The article  talks about how sexism is still present and woman still have to struggle for their place in the comics industry. But with the percentage of woman readers hitting a high of 46.67% according to Market research more and more woman are enjoying comics.  Also with superhero and comic properties showing up all over the place from movies, TV, clothing and video games and trying to capture a larger audience. Woman will becoming more and more interested in the world of comics may decide to enter the comic book world.

The is a really great article and if you feel the same way as I do. That no matter the sex of the writer and/or artist it is a good story and art the a real comic fan wants. Not who rights or draws the book.

Please go over to Talking Comics and have a read.

Source: Talking Comics


goldbooks So Free Comic Book Day has come and passed. Did you go out and get your free books? Did you spend some extra cash at your local store and help keep them open and bringing you great books every week. All over the world, well the ones with comic book shop celebrated the joy and fun of comics. My local shop was packed with people coming to take advantage of the free books and picking up back issues up to 50% off cover price. Variant covers were also 50% off so if your thing was variant covers then you could get some great deals. The other great thing was seeing family’s coming to the store and sharing the fun of getting some comic books. 2014-05-03 11.34.20As you can see from my photos and crappy ones at the things were going great.2014-05-03 11.33.17

Overall Free Comic Book Day was a great success and with my retailer keeping the sales on all week I should be able to get some more books later in the week. Man, my pile of books is getting way to big. I have to find some time to catch up.

Movie Monday: London Super Comic Con (LSCC) 2014 – Cosplay Music Video

Hey Poppers

So welcome back to another Movie Monday except this time I thought I change thing up a little. Today i have a music video for you and it is from the people at Sneaky Zebra. Sneaky Zebra has there owe YouTube channel and if you click the link you find yourself at that page. I have posted some of their videos on my site before and so this time around I thought i post one here on Movie Monday. This video if from the London Super Comic Con 2014. They have a way of making their cosplay fun and entertaining and having the cosplayer have a fun time doing it. So take a look and if you enjoy go to their YouTube channel and enjoy more of their work.

Source:YouTube, Sneaky Zebra

PainKiller Jane

painkiller-jane-01  PainKiller Jane No. 1

Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti

Artist: Juan Santacruz, Sam Lotfi

Lettering: Bill Tortolini

Colors: Paul Mounts

Jane Vasko returns again as PainKiller Jane from Icon Comics. This is the third time that this character has made her way into a series and all three times written by Jimmy Palmiotti. Orginally created by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada for Event Comics back in 1995 as a five-issue mini-series. The series then moved to Dynamite with her first issue May of 2007. Again written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada.

So is there anything different in this third incarnation of the undercover cop that was believed killed? I got no idea reader. I will admit that I have not read any of the first two series so my comments on this book is solely on this third attempt.

I have liked what I have seen and read in this third attempt.

Now a while ago on my podcast, The Popculture Cafe’s Podcast, I ripped into Palmiotti and DC’s contest rules for the new Harley Quinn comic. I am just as willing to let someone know when they are doing stupid shit as well as praise them for other work. Hey we all do stupid shit.

Jimmy Palmiotti has made up for the Harley Quinn fiasco with PainKiller Jane. Jimmy does not waste anytime getting into the action of the book. Jimmy does not waste any time introducing us to the main or supporting characters believing that the reader is already familiar with them. Hey I had no idea of PainKiller Jane’s background but it work for me and I did not miss the pages that would of be needed for it. The story is simple and a good read. Nothing to heavy with the story concentrating on the action.

Jane is a take no shit for anyone type of gal and shows it in the first few pages when she tells a kid to “Go play in traffic you little shit.” Some anger issues there. I love strong female characters and from this first book you can tell that Jane is. I get tired of the wimpy, scared hide in the back female. Yeah I know the comic book heroine is not that type of female.

The art work by Juan Santacruz is great and at different time through out the book I could see aspects of comics of the late 80’s and early 90’s. I could see tiny hits of George Perez art style. Hey could just be me. Juan’s work is clean and sharp. I was not please but with some shadowing in some parts but those were minimal. Overall great stuff.

There is a side story done by artist Sam Lotfi, letters by Bill Tortolini and written by Jimmy Palmiotti. The back half gives the reader some back ground on the relationship between Jane Vasko and Maureen, a Detective for the New York Police Department. This story is where get some idea of the character and her past. The art of Sam Lotfi reminds me of one of the Batman cartoons so there is some cool factor there.

Over all I did like this book and looking forward to reading it for a few issues to see where it goes and if I want to continue on.

So I give PainKiller Jane 4 pops out of 5. If you are asking me to give this one a shot I say yeah spend the cash.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


P.S. There is some nipple in the book if you care.