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Killer frost – Rebirth – DC – Single issue- Review


Co-Writer: Steve Orlando & Jody Houser

Artist: Mirka Andolfo

Colorist : Arif Prianto

Letterer: Clayton Cowles

There’s nothing harder than staying on the straight and narrow when  those around you want you to fall flat on your face.

I suppose I should back up here for a moment. This particular issue fits into the DC Universe timeline after JLA VS Suicide Squad 6 issue series and BEFORE the new JLA Rebirth title. Now back to it.

This is a one off story on the “Rebirth” of Caitlin Snow and her “testing” of sorts by Amanda Waller to see if she can push her just far enough to make her go back to her old ways, while Caitlin tries to stay on the side of the angels. I enjoyed this JLA epilogue story more than I did  the one about the Atom that came out a few weeks ago. This one gave a much more in depth look into who this newest member of the JLA was going to be……and the challenges a team atmosphere may bring for her. Sometimes wanting to do good…..doesn’t mean you WILL do good.

Writers Steve Orlando and Jody Houser wrote a nicely plotted story that was designed to break Caitlin Snow and test her to her limits. In many ways it was also a story of fighting addiction, of fighting oneself .This was definitely a story more about the human Caitlin snow then the villain Killer Frost. If you’ve ever watched “OZ” or “PRISON BREAK” you’ll be a fan of this read.

Mirka Andolfo was able to draw a softer side to Caitlyn snow which I think added to the redemption involved with this story. Amanda Waller looked a little rougher with how she was drawn(Almost like a mini Kingpin) but it added to her gruffness she needed to display for this issue to work.

Colorist Arif Prianto finished with lots of shades of blues and oranges, which I think had the intention to create a sense of contrast of redemption and recidivism.

The book gave us a nice bridge to the new JLA series so mission accomplished.

P.S Bonus pic of lovely Danielle Panabaker of FLASH fame.




Anyone but Snyder. The Batman conflict



It appears that it has been suggested by some that Zach Snyder(that’s him up there) be put in charge of the Batman movie to be released after Ben Affleck parted ways with it. The fact that Ben decided not to go there has a big red siren going off in my head. He specifically said he would only do it if he thought the script was good. Either it was not good….or not good enough for him.

The flip side to this is a backlash that been brewing over the thought of Zach making a perceived mess of yet another potential franchise. I have watched the “Directors cut” version of B vs S twice now and it’s not really the shit show everyone is making it out to be. Their biggest sin was editing more than anything else.

There is now a petition at that is asking for votes and making suggestions on who else might be able to direct as opposed to anyone OTHER then Zach Synder. Bit mean spirited ,but we are on the internet after all.

Take a look below and vote with your heart.




Teri Hatcher to join Supergirl



It’s real…..and it’s spectacular. (Shout out to Seinfeld there)It appears Teri Hatcher will be joining the 2nd season of Supergirl. I’m going to hold my opinion until I actually see who she is playing ,but I feel that it is getting a bit cheesy how every person who ever played in the Superman universe seems to be getting a part on the show.

Unless they hire Gene Hackman next…….then I take everything back.

Early word is that she will play the big bad for the season. I still don’t think she’ll be able to get a seat at Sigourney Weavers table after her turn in the Defenders, but I am curious where they might be going with it.

I read this a whole bunch of places so no gets the nod this time around. Sorry EW, Vulture, TV line. No thanks for you!!!(Still shouting out to Seinfeld)

Cheers folks

Edit: My apologies folks. It appears I posted a pic of her in lingerie. I’ll fix that……later. Relax ladies, my lingerie pics are coming……

Ben Affleck Stepping Down As Director of ‘The Batman”

Variety is reporting that Ben Affleck has decided to step away from the director’s chair.  Affleck will stay on as producer and star but now the hunt is on for a new directer.

Sources that are close to the Affleck and Warner Bros., said that it was a decision made by both parties.

“There are certain characters who hold a special place in the hearts of millions,” Affleck said in a statement. “Performing this role demands focus, passion and the very best performance I can give. It has become clear that I cannot do both jobs to the level they require. Together with the studio, I have decided to find a partner in a director who will collaborate with me on this massive film. I am still in this, and we are making it, but we are currently looking for a director. I remain extremely committed to this project, and look forward to bringing this to life for fans around the world.”

Is this another bad omen for Warner Bro., and DC. Awhile ago a story was leaked (true or false) that the script was bad but executives at Warner Bros did care as long as it made money over seas. That may have changed with Affleck and Geoff Johns have wrote a script for the solo “Batman” movie.

I for one will wait and see.

How about you. Is Affleck leaving the directors chair good or bad for the film.

Source: Variety 

Week end Round up- Thoughts on a variety of viewed DC shows for the week.



Hi Folks,

I planned on getting this out yesterday but I got pretty lazy…….World peace? Anyhoo, what follows is basically a small recap of DC shows I watched for The

week along with my thoughts on them. My plan is to do an article on these weekly with a few exceptions where I think the episode itself merits an entire article. I’ll keep spoilers to a minimum in case you’ve not seen them.

The Flash

Barry has seen the future and it doesn’t look too good for the love of his life. I enjoy where they are going with the back end of this season. To try to make it so there is “no future”(credit to Terminator series)Flash and the Scooby gang are going to try to change as much of the future as they know of it so it can’t turn out that way.

Unfortunately , I think Barry is about to learn, if you continue to screw with time…..don’t be surprised if it screws right back. On the plus side. Grood is sooo back for what sounds to be a pretty good storyline arc. He’s becoming the “Cool” villain on the show in my mind.

The Arrow

Prometheus is turning out to be a pretty good villain this year although I think that there are more Twists to come. They wrapped up what I think could have been an intriguing storyline far to quickly but I think there’s more to tell. Reminds me a bit of the Faith storyline of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Ragman needs a meatier role in the series, and I’m looking forward to a more aggressive Felicity(She’s learning to follow through on her punches now:)).Mr. Terrific is getting more character development which I think was badly needed.

Legends of Tomorrow

I can’t stress how much I loved this episode. Sometimes people will have cool guest stars and totally screw their homages up ,but they hit all the cylinders on this one. They also hit on a very important piece of truth. This gent DID inspire a whole generation of space nerds. The problems that would have come along had he NOT made the movies he did and inspired the people he did would have been very real.

Who was he? No spoilers here, but recommend you watch it.

I’m still not sure how I feel about this seasons villain choice of the Legion of doom, but this episode they seems just a little more deadly than they have been before. Really enjoyed the character interaction between Vixen, Nathan Heywood and the Atom. Felt very retro cool.


Green Lantern Corps



I don’t blame DC for going back to the well on this one. The character and lore itself has a vast amount of story to be told that was barely grazed  in GREEN LANTERN in 2011.Also glad to hear they are starting fresh.

David Goyer is writing the script for this one along a gent named Justin Rhodes whose work I don’t think I have seen .I loved Batman Begins and think it’s one of the best “BATMAN” movies out there. However, he also wrote Batman VS Superman which gives me a bit of pause.

Of all the movie franchises out there, this is probably the one I’d be more them willing to see a “do-over” done on. The fact it includes both Hall Jordan AND John Stewart is a plus for me. I’m not sure how much “Lethal Weapon in space” does for me but I hope it’s a little more fun the last one( Staring Ryan Reynolds…..was not fun…..yeah, the Deadpool guy….did an unfunny movie. That’s how bad it was).

George Miller was once attached to it and after seeing “FURY ROAD” I’d love to see his take on that corner of the DC Universe.

Source material by my buds at IGN

Justice League of America – The Atom- Rebirth – Review


Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Andy McDonald

Colourist : John Rauch

Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Did you know that Particle Kinematics is the study of the trajectory of a particle? I didn’t until I read this book…so there’s that . This issue was a stand alone one shot , that is part of a 4 issue series that are going to be released featuring new members of the new JLA rebirth book due out in February.

I simply found too much was covered in too short of a time in this book. Perhaps the story was told elsewhere and this was just an abbreviated version? Basically it features the introduction and relationship forming bond between the Atom Ray Palmer and his apprentice Ryan(Yun) Choi. It covers almost two years of time span and the fastest super hero identity reveal I think I have ever seen.

If it was meant to serve as a VERY simple introduction to Ryan Choi then it served its purpose but it really left a lot of empty blanks as far as why the atom chose to trust him with the secret that he did.

The art by Andy McDonald actually grew on me as the comic went on but story began to fall apart. At one point the Dean of the university Ray teaches at asks Ryan Choi why he’s “standing there staring at me through those coke bottles muttering nonsense” while  the jock who is Ryan’s roommate treats him with the utmost respect through out the comic and they become buds. That’s not how the real world works folks…..

Perhaps this should have been a two issue series for the scope of the story they wanted to tell but here we are. Hopefully with the JLA Steve Orlando slows the story down a bit.

Glad this was a one shot, because I probably would not have bought issue #2