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Book Review: Kennel Block Blues

Kennel block BluesKennel Block Blues #1

Publisher: Boom Studios

Writer: Ryan Ferrier

Art: Daniel Bayliss

Color: Adam Metcalfe

Letterer: Colin Bell

So what would you do if you were picked up and dragged to the big house. In this case the big house is the Jackson State Kennel. Yeah that is right, Kennel. You have to be a dog or cat. Well in this new book from writer Ryan Ferrier (Dav3) and artist Daniel Bayliss (Translucid) we get to see that through the eyes of Oliver. Oliver is a pup and he has been picked up and sent to the pound. Along with other inmates that are waiting their turns at the getting the big sleep

kennel_block_blues_001_press-6Folks I have to say that this is one interesting look at a world as an animal would see it. A musical prison drama with a mix of humor. Oliver you see has a hard time adjusting to life in the big house. To cope with this Oliver likes to break out in song and dance. The world then becomes a world of 1930 cartoons where everyone is happy and singing. At first I thought Oliver maybe tripping here but no just his way of making some good out of a bad situation.

I have been a fan of Ryan Ferrier work since I first found Dav3 and I have to say his writing styling is some of the most enjoyable I have read. The dialogue bounces back and forth between reality and the happy cartoon sing-a-long.

The art work of Daniel Bayliss and color by Adam Metcalfe slide easily between the hard reality of life in prison to the cartoon styles of 1930 Walt Disney or Fleischer Studios. I love the mix of styles.

If you like prison dramas with sing and dance numbers and old cartoons then Kennel Block Blues is the book you want to read.

So in the end I give Kennel Block Blues #1 4.5 pops out of 5

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


Book Review: The Last Contract #1

TheLastContract_001_A_MainThe Last Contract #1

Publisher: Boom Studios

Written/lettered by Ed Brisson

Illustrated by Lisandro Estherren

The book is from Boom Studios and is issue 1 of 4

Book one takes place in Canada from British Colombia to Manitoba to Toronto. Marley is protagonist of our story. An old man living quite live in Cumberland British Colombia. Spending is time having coffee at the local diner and with his old dog at home. Peace and quite don’t last long as when later at home Marley find an intruder sent in to kill him. At this point we find out that Marley had a pass and it was not a nice one.

4978498-3+lastcontract_001_preview2_03Marley integrates the guy to find out who. Like most people up in their later years, complains when it comes to torturing the punk for info that their pussies compared to the old days.

Marley does not care much for having a hit on him so his off to Toronto to find out who and why there is a hit on him.

So there I will leave it. Don’t want to give it all away.

It is nice to see a story set in the seeding under ground of Canadian crime. This is not the first time that the story of a retired hit man has been used. But it is fun to read and see the writers take on the retired hitman so for me it is not boring. Like the book ‘Father’s Day’ this book revolves around why someone wants the protagonist killed.

Ed Brisson dialogue is not great or outstanding it does it job as getting me interested in the books to come. The dialogue is not deep but really should it be in a gangster book. Until the rest of the books come out we will not really know how deep the story is. But it does want me to find out more about Marty.

The art work by Lisandro Estherrren is well suited for the story. Looking like a well constructed doodle lines and the dark colors helps the reader know this is not a happy story.

This is a short series so it is not a deep investment but if you love revenge crime stories check out this book.

So in the end I give The Last Contract #1, 3 out of 5.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


Imagine Agents Optioned by Fox For Micheal Keaton

PicMonkey-CollageImagineThe Hollywood Reporter published a story today stating that Fox has just closed the rights to adapt Boom Studies comic, Imagine Agents for a feature film. The movie will star Micheal Keaton.

Imagine Agents is a book created by Brain Jones and artist Bachan. The Men in Black fashion story involves an agency, I.M.A.G.I.N.E.  that tackles children’s imaginary friends when they are no longer wanted. Some of these imaginary friends can not handle rejection by some children and go rouge.

I have read the books and I can see this book being adapted to fit Micheal Keaton.  Keaton is the type of actor that could really pull of the type of interaction with these imaginary creatures.

The movie will be produced by Keaton. Producing along with Keaton are Michael Sugar of Anonymous Content and Ross Richie of Boom! Boom!’s Stephen Christy will exec produce with Anonymous Content’s Eli Selden and Doug Wald.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The Changing Role of Woman In Comics

Hey Poppers


In a recent article by Sam LeBas (@comicsonice) and Will Brooker (@willbrooker) about the sexism in comics at Talking Comics.  The article  talks about how sexism is still present and woman still have to struggle for their place in the comics industry. But with the percentage of woman readers hitting a high of 46.67% according to Market research more and more woman are enjoying comics.  Also with superhero and comic properties showing up all over the place from movies, TV, clothing and video games and trying to capture a larger audience. Woman will becoming more and more interested in the world of comics may decide to enter the comic book world.

The is a really great article and if you feel the same way as I do. That no matter the sex of the writer and/or artist it is a good story and art the a real comic fan wants. Not who rights or draws the book.

Please go over to Talking Comics and have a read.

Source: Talking Comics

Comic Review: Fairy Quest Outcasts

FQ-Outcasts01Fairy Quest Outcasts #1

Story: Paul Jenkins

Art: Humberto Ramos

Color: Leonardo Olea

Lettering: Jim Campbell

Welcome to another adaption of the Grimm Fairy Tale world.  This time around the characters are not playing around by the rules set up by Mister Grimm. Characters created by Mister Grimm are now showing free will and rewriting stories. This is not to be permitted and Grimm sets out to stop the discontents with the use of the Think Police.

The leader and main focus of the hunt is a little girl in a red hood and a big black wolf. Now if I have to tell you who these two are then dam brother get out and read some other books. Red and wolf are trying to get to get to see the Map Maker. Now I am not sure the reason that Red and Woofy need to see the Map Maker. Then again I do miss things. But after running into Punzel. A girl that has been in a tower to long and like most people that have been locked away to long, has lost a few cookies from the cookie jar. Also our heroes meet a lovable troll and have to bribe him to let them across a bridge.

Fairy Quest Outcast is a 2 book series that is fun to read. Writer Paul Jenkins takes a different twist with some of the better known characters. Told to a young child by his mother at bed time, Jenkins uses what to me is a mother board with telling the same old story and giving it a little twist. There is humor and action both well done by Paul Jenkins.

The art work of Humberto Ramos(The Spectacular Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man) is animated with aspects of Anime. It reminds me of art found in a child’s book but with more flare. Large hands, big eye and looking like the body is not in right. Disney drawings but without the big mouse looking over his shoulder. The coloring and lettering also done well by Lenardo Olea and Jim Campbell respectively.FairyGoofy

So in the end boy and girls I like this book and look forward to book 2

I give Fairy Quest Outcast 4 out of 5 pops

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


John G M Burke