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Arrow, Catching Up, and General-ness…

Hey Poppers,

I couldn’t think of a featured image, I just read what I wrote, the part down there, that you haven’t read yet, unless you skipped ahead, but I bet you didn’t, I trust you. Anyway, that picture of 3PO and R2 in a Tim Burton movie about bad dreams before Jesus’s birthday was the best I could come up with. So good luck, and enjoy, but mostly good luck. The Batman vs Superman trailer!!

Wow, I have been so busy lately I have not been able to blog, but here I am so let’s jump right in. I got Instagram, it’s okay.And I changed my name on twitter to batteryrunheart. Because my heart is literally run by a battery. No joke, I have a pacemaker, it’s one step down from an arc reactor. No big. Also I am now a registered apprentice, becoming a Parts Technician. It’s a three year program, but I have set myself up to have my ticket by next summer. And yes, apprentice like in Star Wars, again no big.


So, also I got my wife rather pregnant, so yeah. We can now move onto four person cosplays. Yes, that is where my mind immediately goes.

arrow starwars

Also, Whovians, if you want an idea of how overwhelming it is to find out you will be a dad again, please see the below picture.


Next I got bit by a spider! And I think it may have been radioactive.

spider bite

And lastly I have been working on my third and last book in the Fantom Fury trilogy. (cause the “tri” in “trilogy” means three, so my third, and therefore…. last….. book) So, there you have it my excuses for not being able to blog. (Please see radio style segway below… Remember I mentioned my books like one second ago?)


Yes, I met CAITY LOTZ!!!!! at EEK fest. She was super nice and she is so gorgeous. It was awesome to be face to face with Miss Sara Lance. And yes, that is a copy of my first book signed by her. It was so cool. Also I met someone else ladies and gents, he’s on the Arrow, not a huge part of the show, but certainly notable. (Please refer to picture below.)


HA! Gotcha!! It’s Stephen Amell! and he’s the main character. Get it? It was a joke when I said that he wasn’t a huge part of the show. Cause he is! Get it? Anyway, yeah I totally met him in a bathroom. Dressed as the Arrow. It was the coolest thing ever. He was really nice and I told him he was a big fan. And at his panel I asked him if he was going to use his island wig to playing Casey Jones. If you don’t know of the island wig on Arrow, it’s worth a quick google search. If you don’t know who Casey Jones is why are you reading this, seriously all the references must be going over your head. Star Wars, and yes I made that Star Wars picture in paint, Arrow,  Doctor Who, Spiderman. I mean if you’ve made it this far and didn’t get at least eighty percent of the references I applaud you, seriously. Nice job dude. And yes I call guys and girls both dude. Just so you know I wasn’t leaving anyone out. Anyway, what was I going to say? Oh yeah, even if you get every reference and you are still reading, thank you. I just go, I literally type whatever is in my head, I’m hungry, and hit publish. And if you are willing to use your precious time reading that, well that, well it just warms my heart. Thanks guys! Anyway, as we all know it has been nerd overload lately. The Batman vs Superman trailer. Oh man! I am so stoked!!!!!! Seriously it has been playing on repeat in my head since I watched it. What else, Suicide Squad, Batman vs Superman, Deadpool, um what else, oh yeah, Batman vs Superman. X Men, Batman vs Superman is worth mentioning, Star Wars is coming up, that Batman vs Superman trailer was really good. Ant-Man will be out soon, maybe they’ll play that Batman vs Superman trailer during the pre-show. I saw Terminator which I loved. The Batman vs Superman trailer. Oh! Arrow started filming. BvS. Flash is gonna be on Season Two. Dawn of Justice. Legends of Tomorrow which looks so cool, and I love that they are using Rory to travel through time. I mean what a cool thing to do, and yes I called him Rory. Because to me that’s who he is. Rory, Amy, Doctor. I guess now it’s Rip, Nebula and Skynet. Sniffle. They grow up so fast!!! Yeah, so it has been an overload, which I can handle. I mean I got that spider bite and I have a one-step-down-from-an-arc-reactor-pacemaker. Sorry for any spoilers. And sorry I mentioned that trailer, (Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice) so many times, it’s just that, how can I put this,


Anyway, back to meeting Stephen and Caity, yeah, we’re on a first name basis, no big. They were so awesome and down to earth. No, noses in the air, no one was below them. They were both so nice, and so cool, and you know what? Whoever said don’t meet your heroes can go poop their pants!

Anyway, it’s been a slice, hit me up on IG and twitter, I follow back and I’m not quite as crazy, 140 characters and 1000 words, get it? cause a picture is worth a thousand words, and on Instagram you post pictures. Anyway, I’m allowed to make terrible jokes, I’m a dad. Puns, just for funs.

Bye bye

Oh yeah I couldn’t find a way to fit this in, but it’s so awesome so here:


K seriously bye.

Cons and Tees

Cons and T Shirts

J.W. Coughlan, I write novellas, I am a nerd, here we go:

Cons mean cosplay, full gear for the battlefield if you will.

T-Shirts are our training gear, leading up to the battle, leading up to the next con.



Correction: Khan


Let’s talk tees first:

Seriously five minutes per day, equals 5 out of 1440 minutes per day, 182500 minutes over a lifetime, that’s 126 days of my life I will spend picking out what T-Shirt I will wear that day. And I have a lot to choose from. Which of all the Harry Potters? Maybe an Avatar shirt, no way TMNT. Actually it’s cold out, I think I’ll wear Gambit, or The Hobbits, I haven’t worn Batman in a few days, oooo Wolverine is clean…ish. No, Spider-Man, I was defending Andrew Garfield yesterday right? Or X-Men, under a Batman hoodie, is that allowed? I know use the Spock hoodie. See how things get. And these are decisions being made BC: before coffee.

T-shirts are a funny business, my partner in crime get me the best tees online. They are always so cool. Especially when they get double shipped. Seriously, I have two Legend of Korra shirts, two Ravenclaw ones, and two of Prince Zuko riding a Charizard.

Basically what I’m saying is if you’re rocking the nerd life, the best way to support those fandoms is with a good ol’ fashioned t-shirt.




Let’s talk cosplay:

I love dressing up, always have, even as a kid I preferred Halloween over any other night. Batman was my specialty. And yes when I grew up I found myself a lady. We have been Gambit and Rogue, Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers, Flynn and Rapunzel. Then we made a little human being, and since then we have cosplayed Han, Leia and an Ewok. Green Arrow, Black Canary and Arsenal. I recently went to Calgary Expo, it was a blast, now I am here, gearing up for eek fest. Can’t Wait.



So in short, be proud of those fandoms, those stories that stick with you forever, cause that my friends, is a beautiful thing.

Robyn Hood Ongoing #7 Review

Robyn Hood Ongoing #7

Written by Pat Shand

Art by Roberta Ingranata

Colors by Slamet Mujiono

Letters by Jim Campbell

Edited by Pat Shand

RH_Ongoing_06 Cover Digital

Good Day Poppers,

J.W. Coughlan here once again, this time with organised ramblings. A review, of what you ask? Well if you don’t know, you have obviously skipped ahead you little gaffer!




1. the chief electrician in a motion-picture or television production unit.

2. (informal) an old man.

Any how, here we go Robyn Hood 7.

Now I know people like to make mention of the scantily clad ladies in most Zenescope comics, and although Robyn does show it off, I will defend this with two words. Stephen Amell. He also mirrors Robin Hood every week as Arrow. He shows off his stuff almost every episode, and he looks good, a little too good. So, let’s just allow the world two sexy green archers. One man, one woman, one real, one drawn.

Now that the disclaimer fineprinty stuff is done here we go!

It was really sweet!!! Now, I find a lot of the time Zenescope has a great use of frames, or panels, whatever you wanna call them. In this book they did not disappoint. I was wowed by the frame work during the flashback scenes at the beginning of the issue.

I LOVE how her bow works. I won’t say anymore, there was one scene that blew me away and I want to leave a surprise for those of you who don’t know. But I can honestly tell you, in a time where bow and arrows rule many-a-fandom this one sure holds up.

Now Robyn is one character who shouldn’t be trifled with. She is tough in body and mind, which is really what a good story needs. Great character work on this project, including some really cool hero dynamics, like the playing of good cop bad cop, by herself.

Robyn and Marian are cool names, and a cool twist on Robin Hood and Maid Marian.

It does end on a cliffhanger, which I love, throwing in monsters, creepy cult priest dudes, you get the picture, dark awesomeness.

I love the cute date Marian goes on, but the best part was saved for last. There is a sequence where Robyn slowly pulls out her bow. Now, the art, the scene and the frame work give this last scene a truly cinematic feel. It was wicked.

A big shout out to Pat Shand on this one, Robyn Hood is truly a great comic from Zenescope and I hope Pat, as well as everyone else working on the comic keep up the hard work.

Until next time

J.W. Coughlan

Thank Batman My Shows Are Back

Hey Poppers,

It was a rough few weeks, let me tell you. Sit on down, let me tell you the tale…

Here is a really awesome chair to sit in
Here is a really awesome chair to sit in

So, there I was in ignorant bliss. Watching Oliver, Barry and The Doctor, week to week. When suddenly, it all came to a crashing halt! All these shows went on break. And where was I to turn? Game of Thrones isn’t even close to being on. And apparently Star Trek TNG ended in 1994! So, I guess no new episodes there. But I wasn’t about to let that get me down. I got four new books for Christmas, so I took to reading. I dug out my N64 and started Link on yet another adventure. I sat down one day and watched four Batman movies with my son. But I could still feel an emptiness. I hole in my heart, put there by a lightning bolt, an arrow and a screwdriver.

sad matt

As I sat and waited for the 20th of January I knew The Doctor would not be back, but that was okay. Two outta three ain’t bad. That’s a saying right? Although the grammar makes English teachers cringe. Anyhow, I waited and waited, and you know what? Eventually the day came.

It's like Christmas morning!!
It’s like Christmas morning!!

So anyway, there I was, January 20th, The Flash was back on! People were rejoicing in the streets, enemies became friends, and I swear, for a second, we saw a red blur blast through town. As I sat down to watch the program, I thought, what’s one more day? I can make this a double feature, get back into my shows with a bang. And ladies and gentlemen, that’s exactly what I did. The next night I sat down and watched back to back, The Flash and Arrow. It was amazing, tears were shed, and nerdgasms were had. Now I’m all back on track. life has evened out, and tomorrow looks a little brighter.

matt happy

So, what should you take from this tale of hardship and woe? It’s this, Arrow and The Flash are shows you should be watching, even if they add to your winter depression when they go on break. Also, The Doctor will come back, he always does.

The End.

If you enjoyed this story, I suggest you buy my novella, it’s pretty good, and there is a link to it right on this website, Fantom Fury: The Curse. A story about heroes and villains, love and war, good and evil and maybe even a little extra.

Thanks for stopping in,

J.W. Coughlan


Dun dun dun duh duh dun duh duh dun. Dun dun dun duh duh dun duh duh dun. Dun, dun dun duh duh dadada dun duh dun dadada dun dun dun duh dun duh dun.




However you wanna put it, we love it!

Hey Poppers,

It’s been a while since I posted, I have been very busy, procrastinating over the sequel to my book. There’s a link to my first book right there on the left, see it? Go ahead buy a copy, it’s set in Canada, Canada is cool, trust me.

I wanted to do a blog post about something HUGE in the nerd world. Music. The theme songs we know and love, that get our blood pumping, that bring us back to wherever we were the first time words floated through space, or when Gandalf rode into The Shire.

So many characters we know and love have their own scores. And it’s always been that way. Now, if you are at work, pretending to do something, I want you to log onto Songza and search Epic Film Scores. This will immediately transform whatever boring thing your boss is making you do into an amazing adventure through space, a fantastical battle of the ages or send you soaring over cities saving the innocent from evil.

Now, before we go too crazy, let’s just name some big names. JOHN WILLIAMS. This guy, woooo. He is like, the man. Scratch that, he is the man. I mean come on! JAWS! SUPERMAN! STAR WARS! E.T. ! HARRY POTTER!!! This guy composed the most epic music we know and love people!!! Whether you were gazing upon Hogwarts or running from dinosaurs, this guy was there, flooding your ears with epic notes. I LOVE JOHN WILLIAMS. He is so cool, he is the greatest. He made nerd culture so much better with his epic class of epicness.


Alright, now that I’m done nerding out about Johnny W. I will move on. Hans Zimmer. Now he has a long list of kick as tracks, Lion King, Gladiator, Last Samurai. But all you need to know is……. BATMAN. Nolan’s to be more specific. Hans got to compose the tracks the Bale wore his cape to, which in itself is a lifetime achievement.


Howard Shore is the next one I would like to touch base on. Now, he has a long impressive resume. But he is the man behind LOTR, that’s right, the fellowship, ringers. The Lord of the Rings music is a wonder in itself. From cute jaunty tunes as we dance around The Shire, to booming epic horns blown as battle breaks out for miles, this man put together one of the greatest soundtracks ever. Nice.


You know, they say half of what you see is what you hear, so just stop and think how much nerd culture you’ve seen. Yeah, that’s a buttload of music back there. As I have stated previously, my number one fandom, Avatar The Last Airbender has incredible music. Jeremy Zuckerman is a genius! A beautiful musical genius! The music behind this beautiful show could bring a tear to a cowboy’s eye. And don’t even get me started on Legend of Korra. He used a damn Erhu people!


And speaking of good ol’ TV shows. Arrow and The Flash have an incredible composer as well. His name is Blake Neely. The music in these shows can be anything from dark and creepy to epic and uplifting. I’ve said epic a lot this entry. I’m going to read this after I post it and everytime the word epic comes along I’m going to take a shot. K, anyway, yes, Arrow and Flash. The music is awesome, who could forget Barry’s theme in his double Arrow episodes, before he became The Flash, chills people, I had chills.


I love all the iconic songs there have been through the ages, the Superman theme, Mario Bros. theme, all music out of Legend of Zelda. I love the Star Wars theme, I love the music of Doctor Who. I love shouting dun dun duh duh dun dun, when Captain Jack Sparrow sets sail. I love it all. Because music is the great connector the world has, and it has connected so many within nerd culture. Yeah.

So as usual, I feel like I’m just getting going on a blog, but I already feel like I’m out of ideas. Oooo I know, I’ll use some skills I learned in school, here this is coming at you from my essay days.

In conclusion, (pretty good hey), I would like to point out that music is super kick ass. People like Jeremy Zuckerman and John Williams make sure of that. Whether it’s the Imperial March or Catwoman’s theme, music can sure help a scene pull you to the edge of your seat or push you back into it.

Till next time

I’m J.W. Coughlan