Sci-Fi Comedy Short Film: “Macrocosm” (UNCENSORED)

Planet earth’s contaminated drinking water threatens to end civilization. A celebrated quantum physicist, volunteers to be the first interdimensional traveler with the hopes of finding an answer to the contamination problem.

If you have a problem with fellatio then advert your eyes.

Macrocosm directed by Ryan Kelly

More about the film here

Source: Dust

TPCCafe S7 Ep 224 If The Carriage Is A Rocking Don’t Come A Knocking

Well boys and girls this is the end of season 7. Scott needs a break and I thought okay can do. So this show we about IDW, Fox, The Umbrella Academy, The Emmy’s, Comicsgate, AMC/Universal, and Comic-Con on youTube. Also, we talk about Mr. Robot, Carnival Row. Also about I talked about more short films on YouTube that you can find at

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