Sci-Fi Comedy Short Film: “Macrocosm” (UNCENSORED)

Planet earth’s contaminated drinking water threatens to end civilization. A celebrated quantum physicist, volunteers to be the first interdimensional traveler with the hopes of finding an answer to the contamination problem.

If you have a problem with fellatio then advert your eyes.

Macrocosm directed by Ryan Kelly

More about the film here

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TPCCafe S7 Ep 224 If The Carriage Is A Rocking Don’t Come A Knocking

Well boys and girls this is the end of season 7. Scott needs a break and I thought okay can do. So this show we about IDW, Fox, The Umbrella Academy, The Emmy’s, Comicsgate, AMC/Universal, and Comic-Con on youTube. Also, we talk about Mr. Robot, Carnival Row. Also about I talked about more short films on YouTube that you can find at

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“Sang d” Encre” Directed by Tom Gouill

An amazing animated short film about the lack of inspiration syndrome/writer”s block from Bellecour Schools, Art Design & entertainment, directed by Tom Gouill, Jeoffrey Lavanche et Mélanie Tournois.

This was created as an end of studies short film from Bellecour Schools, Art Design & entertainment (2012) ( See more details on our blog

Tom Gouill

More information avaiable here

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Sci-Fi Short Film “Pink Plastic Flamingos”

A suburban stay-at-home dad builds an autonomous robot out of his mower, but when he finds out his creation is taking over his life he sets out to destroy it.

Life sucks for George. So he builds a robot to make it better. It gets better. Then… it gets worse.

More about this short and filmmaker here

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CGI 3D Animated Short “The Albatross” – by Joel Best, Alex Jeremy, and Alex Karonis

Here is another of the shorts that I talked about on The Pop Culture Cafe  S7 Ep 223 Stupid Level Achieved

Enjoy this amazing CGI 3D Animated Short film…In the center of a freezing, misty lake, a struggling writer”s solitary fishing trip is disrupted by a strange creature from the bottom of a whiskey bottle.

The Albatross is a 7-minute short film, created by Joel Best, Alex Jeremy, and Alex Karonis in their final year of study at the University of Technology, Sydney.

After a successful festival circuit screening at festivals including the prestigious AACTA Awards (AFI Awards Australia), Sydney Film Festival, and Animafest Zagreb, The Albatross is ready to make it”s internet debut.

You can find out more at The Albatross

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