I initially picked this book up because I had never read this company before. I like to give Indy companies a try, as over the last 3-5 years there has definitely been a change in the industry, and a lot of times the art quality and storytelling is on par with anything the big 2, and bigger 3 are putting out. The beautiful cover also was a big selling point for me. Let’s dive right in.

The thing that stuck out for me from the first page of this book was how beautiful the art was. Artist Alejandro Aragon has created some really beautiful sweeping landscapes that really give a sense of the world that this book is trying to create. I’ve always believed that detailed scenery gives a reader a much better sense of scene transition which in turn  makes the book seem much more of a journey. It’s done very well here. Reminds me a bit of Geoff Shaw in God Country if you can looking for comparison.

To the story itself, writer David Andry is able to give a nice build on multiple storylines within the book. This can be a challenge to make that flow properly in the first issue, where you want to bring the reader back with basically an introduction, so kudos to him on that success. Great arc up to a sense of foreboding and urgency to give  the ending a nice hook that will most likely want to bring the readers back for a second look. It feels like the end of the world ,but we’re still really not sure what the cause is, or how it happened……….just that it is coming with a “chrip”.

If you enjoy apocalyptic tales, with slow burns, this might just be a tale for you. The dialogue flows well between the characters and it gives you a real sense that the family featured is just trying to make it from one day to the next while making sure each other is safe. One of the the main characters is dealing with a disability(Though you’d never know it from her actions).This is understated, and not dwelled on, which I think helps you recognize the contribution even more. A resourceful person with disabilities has made for an interesting read here.

Overall the  book was a yes for me.I like cliff hanger mysteries and slow burns so I probably will end up picking up the second issue to see where it’s going. If your looking for something new, giving this a try would be worth the money and perhaps even give you a good intro to a new company.

Til next time.