Pop Culture Cafe Reviews – Welcome Home

After about a year and a half of giving mini twitter reviews I think I’d like to start giving proper, long winded, but hopefully entertaining reviews again. This will range from Graphic Novel reviews(Fancy word for the floppies), to television reviews(A lot of Premiere episodes to wet the viewers whistle, or any other body part they may have), to cinematic releases, streaming content and even YouTube odds and sods

I’d like to also sink my teeth into some editorials, music, podcasts, Independent Digital content and whatever other media may come my way also.(Christ I may need to extend the day cycle) I found one of the reasons I got bored with the review concept before is that I tried to write like a proper reviewer……….whatever the hell that may entail. I tried to cookie cutter it too much so that they tended to be devoid of any personality of any kind. That’s just not me.

I want reviews to entice to want the reader to perhaps give the material a try…or perhaps give it a pass. I will never blatantly take a shite on any ones craft no matter how much I may not enjoy it. I”ll leave that to SOME…..I say SOME of the wingnuts on other sites. You won’t see any plot regurgitation reviews with me either. Can’t imagine how much it must infuriate an artist/writer to see his/her story reduced to poorly(sometimes) put together Cole notes. I may use profanity every now and then but it will well placed and not in excess.

As far as a schedule goes , there isn’t one. I may do three in one day and none for two days or I may do one …or two…..or three a day. I work, I’m married and we have an award winning(somewhere I’m sure) podcast that comes out every two weeks. I hope you enjoy what does come out though. I’ll try and make it entertaining.


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