Comic Review – Ignited#1 – Part 1”Triggered” – Published by Humanoids Inc.

Writer – Mark Waid/ Kwanza Osajyefo
Art-Phil Briones
Colors – Andrew Crossley
Letters- A Larger World Studios

Hi Folks,
I picked up the introduction to this new world during the Free comic day. The comic included a first look at this series along with 4?5? Other series that are going to be launching over the next 6 weeks. It also featured some direct quotes and “world building stories” from all the talent involved in the enterprise. It’s worth a read for the tidy sum of “free” dollars. Your local comic shop probably has a copy of it.

Beautiful cover art by John Cassady(I ended up buying the “B” cover). “Ignited” as a concept has a pretty dark backdrop for it’s origin. It’s genesis, if you can call it that, comes from a place of death in the form of a school shooting, which have become a maddening normalcy within the American school system. This first issue is told from the point of view of a young lady who is returning to school ,like so many have done before, after an event that shattered the normal routine of her life the May before.

I’ve been a fan of Mark Waid’s writing since his various runs on Captain America . I figured I was going to get a decent story, and I did. There is definitely some social commentary in this story, but for the most part they are no brainers to the general public…….and they are well done. That matters too. A few of the “more conservative” characters could have been fleshed out more (for better or worse), but for the most part I think it was a pretty good introduction to all the players.

The “heroes” in this universe that Waid, and writer Kwanza Osajyefo are creating are a bit more unique then your traditional superheroes in their power set up, but the book so far appears to have a high school backdrop, so the classic Spider-Man titles, with a touch of “Riverdale” came to mind for me in this first issue. I like comics that read like novels, and this first issue accomplished that. Heavy on complex, engaging, dialogue is mothers’ milk as far as I’m concerned.

I knew a bit  of artist Phil Briones(or his given name Phillippe Briones from his native France)when picking up this book. He’s done work for both Marvel and DC, including a great run on 2010’s “American Son” for Marvel. He also has a pretty impressive resume for Disney in their animation field. His work on this book was great. Plenty of detailed facial expressions, and attention to detail on back ground items. I’ve always enjoyed the work of artists who pay attention to tiny details. Cracks in walls, dents in lockers etc.It completes the picture so much vividly
I enjoyed this first issue, and will probably pick up the 2nd issue but not sure about putting it in my pull file just yet. I want to see more of the heroes in this story first but it is a promising start. I’m also looking forward to another one of their titles coming out…. Omni which is scheduled for release August 14th.

Thanks for reading Folks.

Pop Culture Cafe Reviews – Welcome Home

After about a year and a half of giving mini twitter reviews I think I’d like to start giving proper, long winded, but hopefully entertaining reviews again. This will range from Graphic Novel reviews(Fancy word for the floppies), to television reviews(A lot of Premiere episodes to wet the viewers whistle, or any other body part they may have), to cinematic releases, streaming content and even YouTube odds and sods

I’d like to also sink my teeth into some editorials, music, podcasts, Independent Digital content and whatever other media may come my way also.(Christ I may need to extend the day cycle) I found one of the reasons I got bored with the review concept before is that I tried to write like a proper reviewer……….whatever the hell that may entail. I tried to cookie cutter it too much so that they tended to be devoid of any personality of any kind. That’s just not me.

I want reviews to entice to want the reader to perhaps give the material a try…or perhaps give it a pass. I will never blatantly take a shite on any ones craft no matter how much I may not enjoy it. I”ll leave that to SOME…..I say SOME of the wingnuts on other sites. You won’t see any plot regurgitation reviews with me either. Can’t imagine how much it must infuriate an artist/writer to see his/her story reduced to poorly(sometimes) put together Cole notes. I may use profanity every now and then but it will well placed and not in excess.

As far as a schedule goes , there isn’t one. I may do three in one day and none for two days or I may do one …or two…..or three a day. I work, I’m married and we have an award winning(somewhere I’m sure) podcast that comes out every two weeks. I hope you enjoy what does come out though. I’ll try and make it entertaining.