TPCCafe S6 Ep 188 Oh I Got To Hear This

So first of all Scott and I have a little chat aboot Alabama. Sorry I know we the is a pop culture podcast but sometimes things just got to chat about life.

After that we get back on course and chat about:

  • Stan lee
  • Peter Jackson and Aquaman
  • Johnathan Hickman and the X-Men
  • AEW on TNT
  • Bob Iger and Star Wars
  • George R. R. Martin
  • GOT
  • Van Helsing
  • Agents of Shield
  • Billions

Plus so much more

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TPCCafe S6 Ep 187 Shove It Up My Nose

The end is near. Hey gang. What’s slapping in the wind. Well here is the stuff Scott and I chatted aboot this show.

  1. Glass
  2. Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer
  3. GOT
  4. Batwoman
  5. Disney list of Dates
  6. 180,000 comics
  7. Agents of Shield
  8. Avengers End Game stories
  9. Interview with Ken Lashley
  10. Interview with Alex
  11. Interview with David Nakayama
  12. Relic Radio – Old Sci-Fi radio shows

Plus the usually stupidity.

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TPCCafe S6 Ep 186 Oh That Con Cold

So a little late. If you are one of the few regulars that download and listen to show sorry. If not well then you won’t know the difference. So as most time coming back for the Calgary Expo I got sick. So that is the delay. But Scott is here to give some news and I and my own detailed reply by coughing. This short show Scott talks about:

  • Avengers Endgame
  • Game of Thrones
  • Calgary Expo Wrap Up
  • Free Comic book Day
  • Ghost Rider
  • I’m Still Standing

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