This book had a good vibe to it. Full disclosure. I have not read an X-book in almost 4 years, so this was very much a fresh start for this new team. A new team that is probably the closest thing to the “classic” line up of X-men #94 that I have seen in years. This book had a lot in it, and it needed to, to cover all the ground it required for a re-launch this big.

Marc Guggenheim has a good sense for what he wants this book to be. It’s a lot less darker than the X-world has been in the last few years. Much more of a sense of hope, instead of one of just survival. The X-men appear to know how to be well….”human” again. How to enjoy a day at the park…..even if they happen to live there now. There’s a cool few panels that anyone who has ever jumped first and thought of the consequences later would completely understand. You can stay…but you have to pay.

Adrian Syaf rivals Jim Lee in his depiction of the X-men, and it is good to see someone with that much attention to detail in facial expressions back at the helm again of an X-book. I had seen some of his earlier work on Captain Britain and MI13, but his attention to detail has grown even stronger since 2009.

They hit all the high points they needed to hit to get this book off to the right start. Lydia Nance had a unique take on why she thinks Mutants are still a threat to the world even though many others have been discovered who could fit that description. For Lydia, timing and a lack of control makes Genome X public enemy #1.The way Kitty Pryde has been written, she seems to get that time is the only thing that will heal SOME human fears about mutants. That there is no silver bullet to solve this and that doing good….is really the only thing they can do right now. Understanding why people are afraid is just an important as having them not be afraid.

I did have a small issue with the opening conflict. Terrax(minor spoiler) was dispatched rather quickly for being the level 9 bad ass that he is. He’s a former freaking herald of Galactus!!….anyway other then that I thought the book read well and am looking forward to the next issue. I won’t have to wait long as Marvel is going bi weekly with this title so every 2 weeks it’s on the newsstands.

Few other quick notes. There’s a pretty cool “Road to X-men Gold” which gives you a 6 page review of the X-men lore so far, hitting quite a few of the high points over the last 50 plus years. Also, there’s a nice letter at the back from Marc Guggenheim thanking us all for taking this ride with him, and giving us a chance to name this new X-men book(actually glad about that. Wasn’t looking forward to them calling it “X-men Gold”.).

Thumbs up

Writer : Marc Guggenheim

Artist: Ardian Syaf

Inker: Jay Leisten

Colorist: Frank Martin

lettered : Cory Petit