IT- Teaser Trailer


I have to admit. I’ve never actually seen any of the incarnations of IT.I vaguely remember watching a part of an ending of one of them and thinking “meh”……compared to CUJO and Carrie it didn’t seem that scary to me. Clowns have never scared me very much. Fear of clowns? Coulrophobia…..and now you know.

This trailer is pretty damn good though. Seems part Stranger Things(God has that series influenced productions in the last year. Many times just for the music alone.), part Goonies and part Jaws(Sometimes NOT seeing the shark is as bad as seeing it).The trailer has also confirmed you should never look into drainage grates along sidewalks before your illogical mind meets your logical mind, when you realize the boogeyman can in fact fit down there and can grab your ankle if you get to close.

From what I have seen of the cinematography, it looks like it’s going to be shot with that early 80’s style nostalgia  that’s very hip right now. I may have even seen that dead girl who no one REALLY cared about from Stranger things somewhere in the back of the class room shot in the trailer.

Pennywise this time around is being played by actor Bill Skarsgard. I don’t think he’ll be able to top Tim Curry’s go at it back in the day ,but his brother is Alexander Skarsgard(True Blood, Tarzan), who has a brooding intensity in his roles and if the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree he could pull off quite the performance.

Movie drops Sept.8th


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