Dark Horse- American Gods: Shadows – Review – Chapter #1


A bit of back history on this one first. This comic adaptation is based on the 2001 novel by writer Neil Gaiman. This novel was sourced for a TV series adaptation that will begin to air on STARZ(8 episodes) on Apr.30th.Full disclosure. I have not yet read the novel , so my initial exposure to the story has been through this first chapter. Keep that in mind if I say something you think sounds stupid.

I really enjoyed the first chapter of the story so far. I had heard that time on the inside tends to go slower, if you have someone waiting for you on the outside. Convicted man Shadow Moon has just that. The first narrative of this story is of a man trying to keep his P and Q’s to himself as he waits to get out to the one person in the world he knows still loves him.His wife.

The other part of the narrative comes in the form of Mr. Wednesday. Mr. Wednesday has an offer for Shadow…….a job…..and identity after years of not having one. Shadow, left shattered by a tragedy he still has not come to grips with, is not sure where to go from here. He is wise enough to know what a dangerous man looks like, but what does he have to lose?

The third narrative I THINK I understood. We get a first look at what I believe are the gods among us…..and the beginning of a much larger conflict. I will admit this part of the book had me scratching my head of EXACTLY what happened during one of the last scene of the book. I’ll give a bit of a hint…..Think “Praying Mantis”. It’s no secret Neil Gaiman can tell a story so I expect this entire adaptation to be well done. The first issue certainly did not disappoint.

Scott Hamptons art was well crafted and flowed well from panel to panel . Skillfully telling the story that Neil Gaiman had set forth 16 years earlier. His Colors(lots of Dark blues, blacks and browns) gave it just the right amount of eclipsed back drop that a story with these dark undertones deserved. Special note to Cover Artist Glenn Fabry who provided one of the coolest looking covers of any book I’ve read so far this year. Just Killer……

I’m still on the fence whether I’m adding this to my file or not. I’m debating simply reading the book. Still, it is pretty cool having an artistic adaptation of this classic .If I see another cover like that looking me in the face next month I’m probably going to be sold on this adaptation of the book. Check the first issue out. It’s pretty good.

Writer : Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell

Artist and Colorist: Scott Hampton

lettered: Rick Parker







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