Image Comics – God Country #3- Review – A few thoughts


Hi Folks, just a few thoughts on the latest issue of “God Country” that I just completed. Chapter 3 was very much a lull before the storm chapter……. and then that storm showed up. The pacing for this book has been very well done. Hats off to Donnie Cates for able to tell what is becoming an epic tale with just the right amount of hills and valleys.

These are not perfect characters. Which makes them even more endearing and relatable to the reader. Valofax, which is basically a talking sword, has a social awkwardness you might find in a 12 year old boy, instead of a living weapon that has seen the lives and deaths of millions across the Cosmos. That age old awkward, generational  relationship that some fathers and sons have is on full display here also .It just happens  to be playing out during a time of gods and demons. Donnie Cates nails this back and forth dialogue so wonderfully that I can’t help but wonder if it is coming from life experience.

We had a new member of the cast show up this issue in the evil of Balegrim. His show of force was just enough of an introduction  to sow the seeds of curiosity on how he plays into all of this bigger picture. At this point in time I have no idea where the story is going next and I am looking forward to that aspect each month now. Minor spoiler for this story. It’s going straight to hell……..I think. Either way…….As a grandfather, I too can relate to the one thought that was blazing through Emmett’s head “You do not F*ck with the grandkids”….

Geoff Shaw’s  art continues to help set the tone for a great look for this book. When I see his work the terms “Rustic”, “Grainy” and “windswept” comes to mind and his characters sharp features help convey the story panel to panel. He’s got a solid future ahead of him. Jason Wordie also has kept the colors of a darker nature . The darker black inks have been plentiful  to help convey the almost somber feel that the tale has sometimes.

If EBAY is any indicator people are beginning to show a lot of interest in this series. If you find a copy in your local store I would scoop it up as I suspect it may not be there much longer. Numbers were hitting $50.00….. sold for the 1rst issue on line.

Issue #4 is slated out April 19th.This is a good story. Please check it out if you have a chance. Cheers.

Writer: Donnie Cates

Artist: Geoff Shaw

Colorist: Jason Wordie.




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