Rough Night – Movie Trailer – Red Band


My first thought on this was Kate McKinnon and Scarlett Johansson is a R-rated comedy. I’m listening. Not sure I’d pay for this in the theatre but I did have a few good chuckles during the trailer. The basic jist of it is that a Male stripper ends up dead after being invited to entertain the ladies. Not the first time it’s happened I’m guessing, and it won’t be the last.

One stand out in the trailer was Jillian Bell who I don’t believe I have ever seen before. The “someone tell me what to do…and I will do it! “line gave me a full on chuckle. If all her material is as good as her shots in the trailer that would be worth the rental right there. Kate McKinnon never really had any zippy dialogue from the trailer, but I have to get that Ghostbuster taste out of my mouth so I’ll take anything from her right now that I can get.

In theatres June 16th…..I think….I’ll go back and look….might be right to pay per view.  …nah I’m done here. Trailer is right here.

War for the Planet of the Apes – New Trailer review and a few thoughts


Evolution. Everything evolves, or gets replaced by something else. It’s that simple. This next chapter in the story between man and apes involves that clash that will decide once and for all…..who is at the top of the food chain.

I’ve seen enough footage by now to know that Woody Harrellson is going to be excellent in this role. He’ll be the villain that will have you cheering for the apes in this one. He does crazy well ,(See Natural Born Killers) and I think that is going to be an asset in his performance in this film.

There was a few tidbits from the trailer that stood out for me. Apes helping humans? To kill apes? Interested to hear the back story behind that one. There was another snippet of a little girl who I’m not exactly sure where that plays into the narrative. Except little white girls in danger works well in movies I guess.

The real focus of this trailer is Caesar as the reluctant commander who never wanted War in the first place. Amazing what they can do with  CGI now. Look folks, real live talking apes.

Movie is out July 14th.Expect it to make some money.

X-Men: Prime – Marvel Comics- Review and a few thoughts


This book is kind of a jumping on point I think after having jumped off a while ago for me. I simply got tired of constant cross overs and “Big” events. I’m hoping with X-men: Prime that this is the beginning of a more stream lined approach to the X-universe that will have some self -contained series where they can focus issue to issue instead of making it part of a bigger story. A full year of a no title crossover run is my wish………

I also want a pony. We’ll see which I get first.

This first issue of a new start seems to be heading in the right direction. I’m not kidding myself. This issue was very much a “primer” for the next 3 series being released (X-men Gold, X-men Blue and Weapon X)which are coming out next month, but there is a well written narrative by Marc Guggenheim(or Greg Pak, or Cullen Bunn. They are not really clear about that part) featuring Kitty Pryde that serves this purpose well. All the folks working on the above mentioned titles are featured in this book. Along with artists Ken Lashley, Ibraim Roberson and Leonard Kirk.

If you’re looking for a break down of Gold and Blue from 92′ its not here to be found. More of an out with the old(think 60’s) in with the whoever is left. Weapon X, from the side story inside ,looks like it will be continuing it’s run as the team of the “shady” X-men .As I went through the book I realized “God, has that X- crew grown since 1992”.There was a piece of dialogue in this book where Kitty mused that at one point in time Angel thought 13 X-men were a lot .I think if I remember correctly this was a nod to the re-launch 25 years ago.

Interesting to see Kitty Pryde take over as the new “Headmaster” it would seem. Times certainly have changed from when she was the kid of the team. Speaking of kids, I had no idea Jubilee was now a mom. God, I am getting older than dirt. If there was a twist to this book, I guess you call that its last panel. Seems their move to Limbo was temporary and Kitty thinks it’s time they became the “Heroes” they once were. I’m not quite sure their new home is the best idea, but at the very least it puts them smack dab in the middle of things again and should make for some interesting storylines.

Glad I bought this book. I’m hoping this is the beginning of a more solid continuity to the X-men in the Marvel universe. In more than a few ways, they have been treated like the Red headed step child for the last 15 or so years and it’s time to bring them back home. I’m giving all 3 new series a 5 issue commitment to try them. They are off to a good start so far.

Book is on the racks now.

Cover Artists : Ardian Syaf, Jay Leisten, Laura Martin

Writers: Marc Guggenheim, Greg Pak, Cullen Bunn

Pencillers: Ken Lashley, Ibaim Roberson, Leonard Kirk

Inkers:Ken Lashley, Ibraim Roberson, Guillermo Ortego

Colorists: Morry Hollowell, Frank D’armata, Michael Garland





The Flash – Season #3 – Episode – 19 Trailer

Just watched Episode 18 of the Flash and now we’re on a 4 week hiatus until the next new episode on Apr.25th.That seems a long time to let this storyline simmer in my opinion. I’ve been hot and cold on this season so far, and I’m not sure if this long hiatus is going to give me time to find better shows or make me miss the Flash Gang.

WB dropped this new trailer before they left, and I’m pretty sure they just spilled a major secret that they have been teasing fans with all season. Unless of course it is just a Red Herring. Still, if you don’t want  any clues to the identity of Savitar you should probably NOT watch the attached trailer and stop reading right now…..Thanks for the visit………………………………………………………………………………..Still there?…….last chance. Okay, on with the trailer.

Well, basically this trailer keeps teasing who Savitar is with a few  cryptic statements from Cisco and Killer Frost and the appearance of a rather Emoish looking Barry Allen. “Your from before she dies, aren’t you?” dropped a few hints for me who Savitar is….but again, could be a Red Herring.

Guess we’ll find out on Apr.25th



Louis C.K – Netflix – Stand up Special


Louis C K is probably one of the most underrated comedians of the last 25 years. To see him, you would have no idea that there was such a talented comic genius lurking inside what  his fleshy exterior betrays to be a house dad from the burbs ‘. I mean no disrespect, but he does not have that hard living comedy look to him.

You saw George Carlin… knew he was comedy…….You saw Jerry Seinfeld… knew he was comedy…..Bill Maher……Jon Stewart…….Lewis Black…..Chris Rock….Dave Chapelle. Endless others They “looked” like comedy. Louis C K looks like you might bump into him in the paint aisle in Home Depot(Shameless unpaid plug) and you could have a nice conversation with him. Right up until the point he opened his mouth.

Did you happen to see him host SNL a while ago? Where his opening set took Pedophilia to task with a side splitting , jaw dropping opener of  humor and gasps? No?… missed out.

Special drops Apr.4th on Netflix. Can’t wait

IT- Teaser Trailer


I have to admit. I’ve never actually seen any of the incarnations of IT.I vaguely remember watching a part of an ending of one of them and thinking “meh”……compared to CUJO and Carrie it didn’t seem that scary to me. Clowns have never scared me very much. Fear of clowns? Coulrophobia…..and now you know.

This trailer is pretty damn good though. Seems part Stranger Things(God has that series influenced productions in the last year. Many times just for the music alone.), part Goonies and part Jaws(Sometimes NOT seeing the shark is as bad as seeing it).The trailer has also confirmed you should never look into drainage grates along sidewalks before your illogical mind meets your logical mind, when you realize the boogeyman can in fact fit down there and can grab your ankle if you get to close.

From what I have seen of the cinematography, it looks like it’s going to be shot with that early 80’s style nostalgia  that’s very hip right now. I may have even seen that dead girl who no one REALLY cared about from Stranger things somewhere in the back of the class room shot in the trailer.

Pennywise this time around is being played by actor Bill Skarsgard. I don’t think he’ll be able to top Tim Curry’s go at it back in the day ,but his brother is Alexander Skarsgard(True Blood, Tarzan), who has a brooding intensity in his roles and if the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree he could pull off quite the performance.

Movie drops Sept.8th


Dark Horse- American Gods: Shadows – Review – Chapter #1


A bit of back history on this one first. This comic adaptation is based on the 2001 novel by writer Neil Gaiman. This novel was sourced for a TV series adaptation that will begin to air on STARZ(8 episodes) on Apr.30th.Full disclosure. I have not yet read the novel , so my initial exposure to the story has been through this first chapter. Keep that in mind if I say something you think sounds stupid.

I really enjoyed the first chapter of the story so far. I had heard that time on the inside tends to go slower, if you have someone waiting for you on the outside. Convicted man Shadow Moon has just that. The first narrative of this story is of a man trying to keep his P and Q’s to himself as he waits to get out to the one person in the world he knows still loves him.His wife.

The other part of the narrative comes in the form of Mr. Wednesday. Mr. Wednesday has an offer for Shadow…….a job…..and identity after years of not having one. Shadow, left shattered by a tragedy he still has not come to grips with, is not sure where to go from here. He is wise enough to know what a dangerous man looks like, but what does he have to lose?

The third narrative I THINK I understood. We get a first look at what I believe are the gods among us…..and the beginning of a much larger conflict. I will admit this part of the book had me scratching my head of EXACTLY what happened during one of the last scene of the book. I’ll give a bit of a hint…..Think “Praying Mantis”. It’s no secret Neil Gaiman can tell a story so I expect this entire adaptation to be well done. The first issue certainly did not disappoint.

Scott Hamptons art was well crafted and flowed well from panel to panel . Skillfully telling the story that Neil Gaiman had set forth 16 years earlier. His Colors(lots of Dark blues, blacks and browns) gave it just the right amount of eclipsed back drop that a story with these dark undertones deserved. Special note to Cover Artist Glenn Fabry who provided one of the coolest looking covers of any book I’ve read so far this year. Just Killer……

I’m still on the fence whether I’m adding this to my file or not. I’m debating simply reading the book. Still, it is pretty cool having an artistic adaptation of this classic .If I see another cover like that looking me in the face next month I’m probably going to be sold on this adaptation of the book. Check the first issue out. It’s pretty good.

Writer : Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell

Artist and Colorist: Scott Hampton

lettered: Rick Parker