Ian McShane smacks around GOT fans……..Bonus “American Gods”: Trailer



….and I can’t stop chuckling. It appears that Ian McShane (after giving a fantastic performance in one episode in season 6 of Game of thrones )is taking another swing at over zealous fans in the latest issue of Empire Magazine. People tend to get really pissy when actors slip up and give away a few details on an upcoming episode or perhaps say something perceived as offense. This is usually followed up by a Twitter apology or written statement from their publicist saying how sorry they are.

Funny to hear him telling those perpetually offended to get Quote-“Get a fucking life”. McShane is premiering in “American Gods” this April 30th on StarZ and he’s one of the main reason the show is on my watch list. An underrated journeyman actor that makes anything he is even better simply by being in it.

Game of Thrones actor to fans: ‘Get a f—ing life’