Joss, The fate of Firefly is in your hands now. No Pressure…….




Reports are in that FOX might be okay with starting FIREFLY back up again. On one condition. Mr.Joss Whedon is involved. I’ve of two minds on this one.FOX could be just blowing smoke up everyone’s butts by suggesting that they would do it if Joss came back OR they may be extending an olive branch to see how far it grows out. I really hope it’s the latter.

Obviously a reboot would be missing a few characters. The late Ron Glass” Shepard” and DOA in the movie “Serentity”actor Alan Tudyk”Hoban Washburne”.Nathan Fillion and Alan are actually working on a web series right now called”Con Man” and I suspect if one was in, the other might join on also.

Gina Torres just did a stint on “Westworld” but I think her other engagements are relatively open and I would be surprised if she turned down the opportunity. I’m slowly talking myself into it folks.

Thanks to the “The Verge” for the source material.

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