Dear White People – The Trailer



I’ve found it’s very difficult to laugh at other people if you can’t laugh at yourself……and I do like laughing at other people. I think it’s healthy to be able to see  an societal examination of yourself and think and chuckle at the same time.

Just make it funny. I laughed my ass off when Dave Chapelle used to take the piss out of white people on his show. It was over the top, but a lot of it was spot on. He covered all races, colors, etc. and I hope they do that with this show also. Attacking one segment of society for comedy makes absolutely no sense……except the Amish…..I could talk shit about the Amish all day long….mostly because they would never see it.

I suspect they’ll be taking more aim at white rich stereotypes which likely won’t make much of a mark on us poorer white folks. I’m going into it with an open mind either way…….just make it funny and they will come…..make it preachy and they go in the other direction. It’s that simple.

Series premieres on Netflix Apr.28th/2017


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