Anyone but Snyder. The Batman conflict



It appears that it has been suggested by some that Zach Snyder(that’s him up there) be put in charge of the Batman movie to be released after Ben Affleck parted ways with it. The fact that Ben decided not to go there has a big red siren going off in my head. He specifically said he would only do it if he thought the script was good. Either it was not good….or not good enough for him.

The flip side to this is a backlash that been brewing over the thought of Zach making a perceived mess of yet another potential franchise. I have watched the “Directors cut” version of B vs S twice now and it’s not really the shit show everyone is making it out to be. Their biggest sin was editing more than anything else.

There is now a petition at that is asking for votes and making suggestions on who else might be able to direct as opposed to anyone OTHER then Zach Synder. Bit mean spirited ,but we are on the internet after all.

Take a look below and vote with your heart.




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