Transformers: The Last Knight- Promo for the promo


I’m beginning to dislike these “promo infomercials” for the actual promo. I’m actually probably more interested in checking out this one then the last two to be honest. Glad to hear Michael Bay is hanging up his directors hat on the series ,but they have far too much source material to just stop if they can find another director with a different vision to pick up and dust off the series.

They could afford to go a bit darker with the series and make there be more ramifications to all of the destruction that they cause. I wouldn’t even mind seeing a few returns to the series in more serious roles. Jon Voight and John Turtorro come to mind. I have noticed the last two have been specifically written for a more Asia market, which is fine, but it has hurt the tone of the story and has made it a bit more campy.

I have heard for a few years now that Hasbro wants to get their own universe(With ROM, M.A.S.K and G.I Joe) off the ground and I think that the Transformer movie would be a good place to start that venture. They really would not even need a reboot to do so.

I’ve read that this one is getting a release on Jun 23rd in the U.S

Clip below.

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