Interview with “Logan” star Hugh Jackman and Director James Marigold



Patrick Stewart , according to Hugh Jackman, spends the first 30 minutes of the day having a tea and reading for 30 minutes. I do this myself(minus the tea) and highly recommend it to everyone. It’s gets your mind and imagination going and sets you for the day.

I’m probably more looking forward to this film than any other. From what I have seen so far it “humanizes” the characters and takes them away from the sometimes campiness that the X-men movies have .It also has LESS characters which to me is a huge plus. The last X- film had over 10 characters in it. How do you get any sense of development out of that type of dialogue split? Less is more sometimes.

From what I’ve read and heard about this venture they have given a great deal of detail and have given , to me, what are logical reasons behind these details. Professor X WOULD have grown out some hair in his old age as his mental capacity isn’t what it used to be. Logan would regrets after a lifetime of violence and stryfe.

This article was influenced by the Folks at empireonline. Great interviews also. Check it out.

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