Jon Stewart visits late night


God, I miss this man 4 nights a week. Mr. Stewart has become like a groundhog over the last year. He’ll pop up and disappear again, but each time he make us remember, “Oh right, you tried to help us for 16 years and we wouldn’t listen”.

It must be very disheartening to him to watch what is going on stateside right now. Guys like him and Bill Maher were the Walter Cronkites of  the last two generations. They called bullshit as they saw it(on both sides of the aisle)and have not backed down.

If you’re looking for some ha ha in your day today check out the link below. Quickly, before he goes back down his hole….


Game of Thrones and the Deadpool bets



Probably the most interesting article I’ve read on betting in quite a while. I’m not much of a gambler myself, but nowadays you can bet on just about anything. Even on who is going to die on Games of thrones next season…..and by who…..

The thing that cracks me up about betting on “pre determined” out comes(wrestling, TV shows, reality TV) is how does that stop the people who make these decisions from making a mint? The biggest upset in odds I’m aware of is when(I’ll be back in a second comic folk I’m going to wrestleville)Brock Lesnar beat the Undertaker at WrestleMania in 2015.The odds on that was heavily slanted to the Undertaker winning. If I knew the finish, could I not make a mint by betting an hour before hand? What could they accuse me of?….it was pre determined.

(Back folks).The same can be said of GOT. Could not one of the writers or anyone else in the know bet on this before it airs?

Interesting tidbit of the day. What was the very first show outcome that was bet on? ………..(drumroll).Who shot JR?……which would make sense. It also made sense that the gaming boards put an end to it.

Thanks to for the article inspiration. Bet they didn’t see that coming.

Blame Canada!!!…….Blame Canada!!!…..for Death’s Head.



I’ve been a fan of Death’s head since his early 90’s series written and created by Dan Abnett and  Liam Sharp. He was  called(officially) Death’s Head 2(Minion) but I personally think Deaths Head was one of the most underrated characters to come out of the 90’s(or late 80’s as the original did).

Today in the new Nova  he appears to be taking on a VERY Canadian characteristic of the use of the sacred “EH?”.As a Canadian I can only say that we are honored to count Death’s Head as one of our own, and look forward to facilitating a conversation between he and Wolverine(Canuckle head Eh?) at a Tim Hortons here in town very soon. Free Toques for everyone!!!!……

No…. seriously. I would love for this to be part of some kind of storyline, but I suspect it’s just someone trying to take the piss out of us(British saying) at Marvel Comics. For that, I’m very sorry(how Canadian) that they did that….

There has been talk of a new Deaths Head comic since 2015 and if you have a chance I recommend you pick up the “Revolutionary War” storyline  that came out in 2014 from Marvel that highlighted all the characters from their “UK” brand. Great read.

Thanks to Rich Johnston from Bleeding Cool for being there for me in my time of need. Which was inspiration for this article…from his article…..Thanks Rich. You….you rock….and I mean that.