Week end Round up- Thoughts on a variety of viewed DC shows for the week.



Hi Folks,

I planned on getting this out yesterday but I got pretty lazy…..er….World peace? Anyhoo, what follows is basically a small recap of DC shows I watched for The

week along with my thoughts on them. My plan is to do an article on these weekly with a few exceptions where I think the episode itself merits an entire article. I’ll keep spoilers to a minimum in case you’ve not seen them.

The Flash

Barry has seen the future and it doesn’t look too good for the love of his life. I enjoy where they are going with the back end of this season. To try to make it so there is “no future”(credit to Terminator series)Flash and the Scooby gang are going to try to change as much of the future as they know of it so it can’t turn out that way.

Unfortunately , I think Barry is about to learn, if you continue to screw with time…..don’t be surprised if it screws right back. On the plus side. Grood is sooo back for what sounds to be a pretty good storyline arc. He’s becoming the “Cool” villain on the show in my mind.

The Arrow

Prometheus is turning out to be a pretty good villain this year although I think that there are more Twists to come. They wrapped up what I think could have been an intriguing storyline far to quickly but I think there’s more to tell. Reminds me a bit of the Faith storyline of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Ragman needs a meatier role in the series, and I’m looking forward to a more aggressive Felicity(She’s learning to follow through on her punches now:)).Mr. Terrific is getting more character development which I think was badly needed.

Legends of Tomorrow

I can’t stress how much I loved this episode. Sometimes people will have cool guest stars and totally screw their homages up ,but they hit all the cylinders on this one. They also hit on a very important piece of truth. This gent DID inspire a whole generation of space nerds. The problems that would have come along had he NOT made the movies he did and inspired the people he did would have been very real.

Who was he? No spoilers here, but recommend you watch it.

I’m still not sure how I feel about this seasons villain choice of the Legion of doom, but this episode they seems just a little more deadly than they have been before. Really enjoyed the character interaction between Vixen, Nathan Heywood and the Atom. Felt very retro cool.


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