Comic Review -Holliston- Friendship is Tragic – A few thoughts



This book was probably different than any I have read  in recent memory for two simple facts. The prologue from writer/creator/life story inspiration Adam Green at the beginning of the book, and the fact that most of the jokes in the comic landed.

Adam’s been through some shit….some very, very, very rough shit. This book is in many ways a “road back” project for him and I think for the most part he, along with the future of this title, is going to be okay.

Onto the book itself.

Can money really buy you happiness? Can that happiness turn into a nightmare? Is credit really the root of all evil? After reading this book I have a few thoughts that it very well may be.

In a nutshell this is the story of Joe and Adam. Two buds who simply want to try to make the best Halloween party…..EVAH.

Let’s get into the meat and potatoes part of it first. Greg Wright  wrote a pretty entertaining story. It flowed well and at no part did I know where it was going next. As I mentioned earlier the jokes, for the most part, all landed nicely and a few were extremely chuckle worthy.

Stephen Sharar drew us a great story and his art reminded me a bit of Scooby Doo which would make sense for a bit of a whacky ride. His character expressions even helped the previously mentioned funny jokes land.

The colors fit the dark humorous quirky vibe of the comic and Joshua Werner did a great job on the title design. Lots of dark blues, shades of browns and orange to match the telling of a Halloween story.

The characters are likable and mesh well together. You can tell this at some point in time was based on “real life”….which it was. I’m not sure if this was a one – off, but I hope not ,as I think there is more story to be told. I’m not sure I would include as many inside jokes and pop culture references the next time around because I thought a few times “No one over 40 is getting that one”…..

On a personal note, I was a metal fan growing up. Never listened to Gwar.I will now for the experience. He’d be proud of this dude. Take care.

Holliston Created by Adam Green

Written By- Greg Wright

Pencils and Inks by Stephen Sharar

Colors,Letters and Design by Joshua Werner





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