No, not that Flash. The OTHER Flash that the movie division is doing. I’m going to call this right now. I think they are making a huge mistake by not using the TV version of the Flash in their movie world. Not one single person I have spoken to has any interest in seeing another Flash, other than the one the WB has cultivated on their TV show.

With the lukewarm responses their movies have already had(some of it unfairly), I’m not sure why they would not want to take a “ready for the movie screen” version of the Flash to put him the Justice League to give it some boost.

Do they feel he might overshadow the other actors? That might be a valid complaint. I personally think TV Oliver Queen is much more of a bad ass then Movie Bruce Wayne. I realize that this point is moot since he has already been introduced ,but the fact they can’t seem to settle on a vision for the Movie version Flash script wise does not bode well for the future. Thanks to the sweethearts at Variety for the source article.