Alfre Woodard would like to have a Chrisandwich……



You know……There are some people who talk about 3 ways…..and talk and talk. But,…..I totally believe her. She seems like she has just enough sass to say “Yep , there’s plenty of me to go around”.

For the record, I’ve always respected her acting since…slight pause….I just looked up something for the article,and saw her age. My god she has aged so very gracefully…..Wow. Anyway, the geek in me first remembers her from Star Trek First Contact(Fantastic acting chemistry between her and Patrick Stewart) and I’ve been a fan ever since.

I just realized something. She is the first actor to play two different characters in the same universe. Mariah Dillard in “Luke Cage” and a small part of “Meriam” in Civil War talking to Tony Stark by the elevator.(Whom I would have loved to have seen more of).

Anyhoo here is she talking about doing the reverse Oreo with the Chris’s below. Special thanks to the folks at Youtube and Marvel.

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