Cosplay Thursday

Well once again it is Cosplay Thursday. Have a fun looking at some amazing Cosplayers

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Alfre Woodard would like to have a Chrisandwich……



You know……There are some people who talk about 3 ways…..and talk and talk. But,…..I totally believe her. She seems like she has just enough sass to say “Yep , there’s plenty of me to go around”.

For the record, I’ve always respected her acting since…slight pause….I just looked up something for the article,and saw her age. My god she has aged so very gracefully…..Wow. Anyway, the geek in me first remembers her from Star Trek First Contact(Fantastic acting chemistry between her and Patrick Stewart) and I’ve been a fan ever since.

I just realized something. She is the first actor to play two different characters in the same universe. Mariah Dillard in “Luke Cage” and a small part of “Meriam” in Civil War talking to Tony Stark by the elevator.(Whom I would have loved to have seen more of).

Anyhoo here is she talking about doing the reverse Oreo with the Chris’s below. Special thanks to the folks at Youtube and Marvel.

Red Agent-The Human Order Issues #1 & #2 of 12 – Zenescope

redagent_tho_01-cover-a redagent_tho_02-cover-b


I’m going to try to keep this review as balanced as I can, as I believe there is something for everyone in each comic.

The basic synopsis of these books is that we are in a world of highborn and Monsters ..and they are hiding in plain sight. Governments of the world have enlisted their own highborn to police their own. This is their story…..

The art was not bad. I felt it got better in the second issue for some reason. I did notice in some of the panels that the art(facial expressions) didn’t really match up with the dialogue that was associated with it. The women are drawn busty and beautiful, so if you enjoy that type of art you might want to pick up this book. I did notice the breasts changed sizes sometimes from panel to panel which struck me as odd(story had 3/4 artists which might explain that)

The writing left a bit to be desired to me. I saw a few grammatical errors that should have been caught in proofreading and editing. We all make errors(I’m sure I have here)but these I felt were obvious. Some of the cursing seemed out of place for the situation and characters involved. Almost seemed some of it was cursing for the sake of cursing.

Part of this to me is attributed to “The Cloak Rule”. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a superhero or villain with a cloak “Shit talk”(Maybe  Spawn?) as part of their dialogue. It just looks very much out of place. The villain in question however did have a cool name in “Half Euro”

The storyline itself was not too badly developed, but I felt the characters were written a bit generically and I could not really relate to any of them.

I doubt I’ll read anymore of this series but as I said, the second issue seemed marginally better so it may pick up. They certainly can draw the female form quite heartily.

Writer: Joe Brusha/Lou Iovino

Artwork: Wilton Santos/Chiara Colassanti/Daniel Maine/RenanShody/Ario Murti

Colors: Hedwin Zalidivar

Letters: Taylor Esposito

Production and Design: Christopher Cote



The Flash gets a new script



No, not that Flash. The OTHER Flash that the movie division is doing. I’m going to call this right now. I think they are making a huge mistake by not using the TV version of the Flash in their movie world. Not one single person I have spoken to has any interest in seeing another Flash, other than the one the WB has cultivated on their TV show.

With the lukewarm responses their movies have already had(some of it unfairly), I’m not sure why they would not want to take a “ready for the movie screen” version of the Flash to put him the Justice League to give it some boost.

Do they feel he might overshadow the other actors? That might be a valid complaint. I personally think TV Oliver Queen is much more of a bad ass then Movie Bruce Wayne. I realize that this point is moot since he has already been introduced ,but the fact they can’t seem to settle on a vision for the Movie version Flash script wise does not bode well for the future. Thanks to the sweethearts at Variety for the source article.

Joby Harold to Do Page-One Rewrite of ‘The Flash’ Script (EXCLUSIVE)


Jim Starlin and his big cheque



This item comes direct to us from Jim Starlins Facebook page. Apparently he’s getting much more financial respect from DC movie division these days than Marvels movie division. He noted he’s gotten a big cheque from DC for his relatively minor characters appearance(Anatoli Knyyazev) in B VS S then he has ever gotten COMBINED for his characters he created in the Marvel universe. Those include Thanos, Gamora and Drax.

This math just does add up for me. I won’t say it really surprises me but it does not seem right. I doubt public shaming will get them to pony up more, but it sure won’t hurt. Post below