DYI Film Maker Richard R.G. Miller

I found this nice article at GeekTyant written about a DYI film maker Richard R.G. Miller. I be honest the picture that was used for the article caught my attention. It look like something from a Roger Corman movie.






If you know anything about Roger Corman then you will understand what I mean. If not…..come on. YOU don’t about Roger Corman?

Richard R. G. Miller has been his own films for years and has releasing his film on his YouTube channel for years.  Not the greatest films but you have to give the guy credit for at least doing them.

You can see the article at GeekTyant written by Mick Joest


“I’ll Be Back” James Cameron & Tim Miller To Bring Back ‘Terminator’

Deadline broke news January 20th that James Cameron and ‘Deadpool’ director Tim Miller maybe bringing back that old bucket of bolts, ‘Terminator’.

neti504taocyww_1_bAccording to the article written by Mike Fleming Jr, James Cameron will regain certain rights to his creation, ‘The Terminator’ in 2019.  Also stated in the article is that Cameron is in early talks with Tim Miller.  Tim Miller would be a great choice based on his work on 2016 surprise hit ‘Deadpool’.  Miller showed he can make a good movie on limited budget just as Cameron did on the first ‘The Terminator’ movie.

Having James Cameron back in control and Tim Miller maybe the best thing if the series wish to continue. Also is the movie does fail to breath life back to the dying franshice who better to final put it to rest.

I still love watching the ‘Terminator’ franchise movies, yes even the ones considered big pile of steaming poop. I have always just took them for what they were. Yes I don’t watch them all with as much joy as ‘The Terminator’ and ‘T2:Judgement Day. On those days when I am really bored the other 3 are not that bad.

You can read the full article at Deadline