Logan:Trailer 2



I think this will end up being the best Wolverine movie of them all. I really do.I would suspect the folks from FOX are kicking their ass for not doing an R rated version of Wolverine before.

We get a much better look at X-23(Dafne Keen) and how much of a bad ass she really is .I suspect if this movie is a success you’ll see her getting a solo movie of her own which is why I think she is front and centre in this trailer. I have mentioned this before, but Patrick Steward and Hugh Jackman have such great chemistry I can’t see how this can be a critical failure. I also suspect it’s Patrick Stewart’s last part in the X-universe also…..

If Hugh Jackman decides to not play Logan again(I personally hope Ryan Reynolds talks him into a Deadpool/Logan movie)this should be a strong movie to go out on.I think after a few tosses in the money pile he’ll sign on though.

Logan is scheduled for release on Mar.13th

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