Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events Featurette

I have only watch one episode of Netflix Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events but I was fascinated by the effects.  Watching the opening of the show and it looks amazing. The sets and make up, costumes look creepy and beautiful.

Neil Patrick Harris looks like he is having fun playing Count Olaf and this featurette shows off many different characters he is set to play.  Also various shots to the incredible sets.

Netflix released a featurette  with production details and interviews with cast and crew that help create the show.

Source: Netflix, YouTube, Environics Communications

Star Wars meets Indiana Jones – Meet Pablo Hidalgo



This is probably one of the cooler articles I’ve read in the past few days. Imagine meeting someone who loves the Star Wars universe so much that they picked through frame by frame of the films and investigated who all the characters(both with speaking parts and not) and artifacts  were…..and what they did. Our very own intergalactic ANCESTRY.com if you will….

Pablo has released two Visual Dictionaries so far. One for THE FORCE AWAKENS and one for ROGUE ONE along with 8 other books on the history of  Star Wars looking at various niches involved in the making of the movies.

Thanks to Entertainment Weeklies “Behind the scenes on EW Radio for a very cool, unique interview.

Meet Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo, the Indiana Jones of ‘Star Wars’


Cosplay Thursday 1/19/17

Hey gang how you doing? So after a long time of hiatus from posting some amazing  Cosplayers it is time to get back to posting.

Source: Cosplay

The Emoji Movie


Folks, I’m not sure what to think of this movie yet. HOWEVER, I just learned today that it appears Patrick Stewart will be doing some voice work in it so the premise just became a bit more interesting.

If you’ve ever seen American dad or the Simpsons(Who hasn’t really?) you know Patrick Stewart has done some very funny voice over work .The Film also stars Steven Wright ,T.J Miller and James Corden.

Oh, and Patrick Stewart plays fecal matter….poop….yes…world renowned stage actor…..playing a turd. How can I not see this now?

Release date is Aug.4th /2017

Logan:Trailer 2



I think this will end up being the best Wolverine movie of them all. I really do.I would suspect the folks from FOX are kicking their ass for not doing an R rated version of Wolverine before.

We get a much better look at X-23(Dafne Keen) and how much of a bad ass she really is .I suspect if this movie is a success you’ll see her getting a solo movie of her own which is why I think she is front and centre in this trailer. I have mentioned this before, but Patrick Steward and Hugh Jackman have such great chemistry I can’t see how this can be a critical failure. I also suspect it’s Patrick Stewart’s last part in the X-universe also…..

If Hugh Jackman decides to not play Logan again(I personally hope Ryan Reynolds talks him into a Deadpool/Logan movie)this should be a strong movie to go out on.I think after a few tosses in the money pile he’ll sign on though.

Logan is scheduled for release on Mar.13th