There, There snowflake.No one’s going to scare you anymore.




Well, Well, This is a disappointment.(Lifts symbolic bat).It appears some people got upset at the season premiere of The Walking Dead this year. Did you read the comics? Did you hear through the grapevine what happened? Did you think they were going to water down the most iconic scene in the history of the comic? No…Then what the fuck did you think was going to happen?(points bat).

That feeling of upset snowflakes caused the show runners to make some changes….to tone it to fuck down(shakes head).It must have a taken a whole bunch of white…. precious little snowflakes to get their attention.(smiles)

Gale Hurd wanted to confirm that the show” is not torture porn”. It’s not Gale. It’s really not. However, there was a sense that Negan was this hip bad ass that everyone was supposed to like…..and I don’t think they do anymore. No, No, sir I do not think they do at all. They now have a strong sense of respect, fear and caution with Negan that they did not have before. There are fucking rules…..and they need to follow those rules….

Lucille is an instrument of fear. She is a lesson teacher. She is the law. If you cannot handle the punishment for not following those rules then you should just continue to melt snowflake. I am fucking embarrassed that the show runners CHOSE to tuck tail on this issue(taps bat to ground)…..yes I am.

Thanks Variety for this fucking story….you followed the rules.

‘The Walking Dead’ Producers Toned Down Violence After Season Premiere Backlash

New Arrow Trailer



This should have been the original trailer they released, instead of the spoiler filled one that they did .You can see the tension is ramped up in this trailer as Oliver tries to come to terms with what he saw at the end of first half of the season. Some spoilers here if you are not caught up, so be warned. It also appears Canaries waterfront statue just was not meant for the Arrow universe.

The first half of the season was quite good(Hi John!!), and I’ve read it’s been picked up for a 6th season. Season starts up again Jan.25th

M. Night Shyamalan would like to do an episode of Stranger things



…..and I really don’t have a problem with it. Unknown to me, until reading a delightful article from whom I’m giving inspiration  for this  at the end ….not now…at the end, Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers did some work on his series “Wayward Pines”.

Seems he would not mind returning the favor. I’ve always been of the mind that M. Night (referenced henceforth as that)got a lot more grief then he deserved for the movies he made. I don’t think anything he did was ever going to top the cool surprise at the end of The Sixth Sense in 1999.I found his movies unique and quirky. Guess what? I also find Stranger things unique and quirky, so I think they would mesh together very well.

Stranger Things returns sometime is 2017.Paul Reiser (Don’t laugh, he played a pretty good baddy in Aliens remember?)and Sean Astin will be joining the cast this time around.I’d pay a couple of extra bucks to Netflix if they can work “Mr.Frodo” somewhere into that script.

Inspiration for this article(told you it was coming) from the stranger things at Digital Spy.


The Discovery



What if there was life after death? What if it was empirically confirmed? No more doubts…no more questions. There is a ” here after”. What would happen then? Would you want to see people on the other side so badly……you’d want to die to get there?

A new film premiering on Netflix answers just those questions. Not just a new film. A new Robert Redford  film. The trailer looks very enticing.I find it very hard to see Jason Siegel in a serious role but would be willing to give it a try.

Premieres March 31rst on Netflix. Trailer Below.