Where’s the incentive?



It’s right here. For the grand old price of $425.00.That’s how much the “Incentive Retailer Bonus variant Cover” is going for at Mid Town comics. Since it’s not being released until tomorrow I’m assuming that is going in blind on that kind of sale. It will sell though. Variants are still a big deal for some collectors though I have seen the market cool off a bit in the last few years.

I was never a fan of them. I buy for the story ,and I’m okay with just one cover. I can see the allure if you love great art though, but I suspect much of it is done for a speculators market. The variant industry seems to be possibly becoming the new “silver age” title in that your probably not going to get that Amazing Fantasy #1, but you can get a limited edition of something which may be very rare also.

I think things like this are also a great marketing tool for Marvel to make sure comic stores order enough of their product to get the variant……or glut the market, depending on your point of view.

Here’s the link, midtown operators are standing by…


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