Flash: Return Trailer



Dear Flash,

You may be done screwing with Time……but time is not done screwing with you.

Hoo baby, that trailer had some nice snippets in it from the back end of season. Very happy to see who I think was Deadshot making an appearance in the FLASH universe. I hope this is even more evidence that perhaps the DC movie division is not going to be so “hands off” about their  care -taking of properties they want to use in their movies.

Other things I noticed in the trailer. Barry and Iris making sexy time in an actual bed. I had always thought they just pecked on the lips and stared sorrowfully into each others eyes. The skirt zip up in the first frame was a nice touch too. These are adults, but DC has always treated their relationships circa 1957.

Anyone else think Savitar looks like a cross between Megatron and a Cylon? He certainly moves like a Cylon, AND BSG was shot in Vancouver also.

From the trailer it looks like Barry may try screwing with the future time line which always turns out pretty well for who ever does it. The Flash is back Jan.24th  on the CW or whatever affiliate happens to be showing it in your area.

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