Ransom:TV series



Watched the first two episodes of this over the last week and I think I’ll continue watching it…….for now. The basic synopsis for the show is Eric Beaumont(Luke Roberts) is a hostage and crisis negotiator. He and his team travel the globe not as law enforcement officials, but as “negotiators for hire” who get the call when folks would rather not have the police involved.

I found the second episode better than the first which is always a good sign for me. To me, there are obvious (and surreal) comparisons to CBS’s juggernaut “Criminal Minds”. Some of them are more blatant than others.(They basically outright try to copy the playful relationship between characters Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan right down to the geeky glasses and playful flirting).

I have yet to have seen Luke Roberts in anything and he’s actually quite a good actor from what I have seen so far. The rest of the cast has a few stand outs. Actress Nazneen Contractor(playing Zara Hallam) is a great character actor who I have seen in a few shows.

They have already began some interesting subplots and  I thought the idea for the episode 2 script was pretty original(minus the house switch. You know, the old “We think the victim is in one house and about to be saved, and she’s actually in another?”. Overall , I’ll probably give the first 10 episodes a look and go from there.

They really do have to stay away from the Criminal Minds clone trap though, and make it more clear they are not law enforcement. Because they sure did get treated as law enforcement a few times. It made the story work…..but made no sense.

Trailer below.Thanks Youtube..you complete me

Guardians Official Trailer English Version

If you have not see or heard of this Russian super hero movie well where the  hell have you been?

The film takes place during the Cold War. A secret organization named “Patriot” gathers a team of Soviet superheros, alter and augment their DNA of four individuals. The final clip I have here is  duped in English but not as exciting as the original Russian.  Also in this clip it shows what I assume is the were-bear gone full bear.  The clip shows the more humor then earlier versions. I hoping that the film is released with English subtitles as I for one would be distracted by the bad English dubbing.

At times the CGI does look a little bad but if you look past this little distraction the movie looks like fun time.

The film was directed by Sarik Andreasyan and written by Andrey Gavrilov

Source: Pie Media, YouTube

DC: Drawing the Line at $2.99.Until now



That sucks , but here we are. DC Comics has announced via a press release that they are raising the prices on 15 of their rebirth titles with covers going from $2.99 to $3.99.DC will also now start offering what Marvel just dropped…….codes for a matching digital copy in the physical book. Twice monthly titles will stay at $2.99.

Terrible news. Are we on a march to $5.00 titles? Comic prices have almost doubled in price since 2000 when the average price was $2.25 and tripled in price since 1992(Average price was $1.25).Can you think of any other product that has climbed like that even with inflation adjustments?

I blame the mousehouse…..

Where’s the incentive?



It’s right here. For the grand old price of $425.00.That’s how much the “Incentive Retailer Bonus variant Cover” is going for at Mid Town comics. Since it’s not being released until tomorrow I’m assuming that is going in blind on that kind of sale. It will sell though. Variants are still a big deal for some collectors though I have seen the market cool off a bit in the last few years.

I was never a fan of them. I buy for the story ,and I’m okay with just one cover. I can see the allure if you love great art though, but I suspect much of it is done for a speculators market. The variant industry seems to be possibly becoming the new “silver age” title in that your probably not going to get that Amazing Fantasy #1, but you can get a limited edition of something which may be very rare also.

I think things like this are also a great marketing tool for Marvel to make sure comic stores order enough of their product to get the variant……or glut the market, depending on your point of view.

Here’s the link, midtown operators are standing by…


Flash: Return Trailer



Dear Flash,

You may be done screwing with Time……but time is not done screwing with you.

Hoo baby, that trailer had some nice snippets in it from the back end of season. Very happy to see who I think was Deadshot making an appearance in the FLASH universe. I hope this is even more evidence that perhaps the DC movie division is not going to be so “hands off” about their  care -taking of properties they want to use in their movies.

Other things I noticed in the trailer. Barry and Iris making sexy time in an actual bed. I had always thought they just pecked on the lips and stared sorrowfully into each others eyes. The skirt zip up in the first frame was a nice touch too. These are adults, but DC has always treated their relationships circa 1957.

Anyone else think Savitar looks like a cross between Megatron and a Cylon? He certainly moves like a Cylon, AND BSG was shot in Vancouver also.

From the trailer it looks like Barry may try screwing with the future time line which always turns out pretty well for who ever does it. The Flash is back Jan.24th  on the CW or whatever affiliate happens to be showing it in your area.