Shadow Hunters – Episode 1




I’m a bit late to the party on this one, as it already has one season under its belt and is working on it’s second.I was pleasantly surprised by the premiere episode though.Clary Fray(Katherine Mcnamara) is a young lady about to head off to college when her whole world gets turned upside down.

She finds out that her mother has been protecting her from a world of demons, vampires , fairies and eskimos…..I’m just judging this based on the first episode, but it seems very much if Grimm and Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a cinematic love child which is more than okay in my book.

There were a few cliches thatI had seen before, and a few of those demons looked awfully familiar(Think Underworld) .I did think the first episode was hot shotted a bit, but I know that’s the norm these days in the 1000 channel universe.I hope they slow the pace down as the story continues.

Rounding out the cast is a bunch of actors I’ve never seen before, but all of them did a decent job with the script.Stand outs were Isabelle Lightwood played by Emeraude Toubia, Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood) and Maxim Roy as Joceyln Fray.

This series was based off best selling novel series “The Mortal Instruments” by Cassandra Clare. I’m going to continue watching as it definitely has potential .The camp is kept at a minimum,and the acting got better as just the first episode went on.Here’s the Season 1 trailer for you to check out.Be warned…it’s Disney and everyone is sickly pretty


Homeland Premiere.

HOMELAND (Season 5)

…was last night and I totally forgot about it. What …the ..fuck. This is one of the best modern political thrillers on TV today and Claire Danes(Carrie Matheson), Mandy Patinkin(Saul Berenson) and Rupert Friend could put any Bourne/Bond combo to shame any day.

If you have not watched the series I can’t recommend it enough. From storyline writing(season 3 was a bit rough) to pacing, to the top notch award winning acting ,this show has it all. Please check it out of you have a chance. Trailer for season 6 below

Game of thrones Season 8 may be more then 6 Episodes



Okay, can I get this out of the way right now?!?.I may look like a fool in 2 years, but it would not be the first time. I don’t think this series is going to end on HBO.I think it’s going to end in movie theatres in the form of a trilogy.

My reasoning for this is that I don’t think they can wrap things up properly in 13 episodes. I also think they have a built in audience who would be more than willing to pay “movie money” to see a “big screen” finale complete with dragons,White walkers and massive, well laid out battles. I know I would……

Programming President Casey Bloys has told TVLine (Shout out and credit to come) that it is still being decided by show runners David Benioff and D.B Weiss if the finale season will be in fact 6 episodes, or perhaps more(I vote for more….can we vote?).

They say they are heading towards the end game, but here’s my theory. Their endgame is settling the affairs of man. Once that is done in the TV series, the victors will turn their eyes to the North, and the War that will matter the most……because Winter will have come.

TVLine is awesome and they provided source material for this article. You friggin rock folks!!

<i>Game of Thrones</i>: Could Season 8 Consist of More Than 6 Episodes?


TPCCafe The Dead Shall Work Again

conanTPCCafe The Dead Shall Work Again

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