Stars Wars Statement concerning Princess Leia



This story must have gotten some traction for them to feel that they had to release a statement on it. The jist of it is ,that they have no intention (for now) in recreating Princess Leia for the new, or any, of the new Star Wars movies.I would suspect it MUST have been thought upon ,depending on how the next movie is going to end.

This brings to mind 65 year old Mark Hamill though. Ghoulish as it may sound, there must have been some discussion as to what might happen if he passed away before his time in the Star Wars universe was done. I stand beside my assessment John(Stony) and I discussed on the podcast that this discussion may end up in wills and as part of some “legal legacy” process. oh, and money…money will play into also. Inspiration source for this article is Link below.

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