Green Lantern Corps



I don’t blame DC for going back to the well on this one. The character and lore itself has a vast amount of story to be told that was barely grazed  in GREEN LANTERN in 2011.Also glad to hear they are starting fresh.

David Goyer is writing the script for this one along a gent named Justin Rhodes whose work I don’t think I have seen .I loved Batman Begins and think it’s one of the best “BATMAN” movies out there. However, he also wrote Batman VS Superman which gives me a bit of pause.

Of all the movie franchises out there, this is probably the one I’d be more them willing to see a “do-over” done on. The fact it includes both Hall Jordan AND John Stewart is a plus for me. I’m not sure how much “Lethal Weapon in space” does for me but I hope it’s a little more fun the last one( Staring Ryan Reynolds…..was not fun…..yeah, the Deadpool guy….did an unfunny movie. That’s how bad it was).

George Miller was once attached to it and after seeing “FURY ROAD” I’d love to see his take on that corner of the DC Universe.

Source material by my buds at IGN

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