Comic Review- God Country




Writer: Donny Cates

Art: Geoff Shaw

Jason Wordie: Color

John J Hill: Letters and Design


I like the title of this book from Image. I’ve been forever calling my home province “God’s Country”. Glad to this take on it here.

Alzheimer’s is known as “The Long Goodbye”. It traps the person that once was, inside of a shell that is slowly dying around them. But…..what if that person…..was a God? That’s the basic hook for this story. I was a bit reminded of the persona of Donald Blake and The Mighty Thor as I read this book. A connection that can turn a frail mortal into a powerful god.

I liked the concept of the story, however I found the dialogue a bit muddled. Almost like the writer was using a dialect or “Twang” he wasn’t used to .The comic is set in West Texas, so the story is written in  a bit of a “y’ all” tone, and I found some of the written mannerisms distracted from the flow of the story.

I enjoyed the art of Geoff Shaw, and with the exception of a few panels, I found the depictions flowed nicely with the storyline. I’d characterize his style as “sweeping and rustic” and I’d probably pick up a book in the future based on just his art alone.

Colorist did a fine job of bringing the story to life in mixtures of earth tones that meshed well together.

I’ll probably end up buying the second issue since the antagonist never really reared his head until the last panel. It wasn’t my favourite book this month, but it was a nice surprise. Would have liked to have seen the storyline furthered along a bit more but we’ll see where it’s going.

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