Gambit Movie still going to happen….



This pops up every 6 months or so.I honestly hope it does not happen if Channing Tatum is attached.I  think it would be a bigger botch than Ryan Reynolds and Green Lantern.I can’t see that actor with the accent, or the mannerisms, or sense of sophistication required for the character.

They had a director(Rupert Wyatt) and then he dropped out(wisely I believe).At the Television critics Association meeting of the minds Jan.12th  film producer Lauren Shuler Donner said that the project was still a go .I think they should re- cast Tatum if they do decide to go forward with it.

Depiction above is a taste of what he may look like in costume and I still don’t see it.

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Comic Review- God Country




Writer: Donny Cates

Art: Geoff Shaw

Jason Wordie: Color

John J Hill: Letters and Design


I like the title of this book from Image. I’ve been forever calling my home province “God’s Country”. Glad to this take on it here.

Alzheimer’s is known as “The Long Goodbye”. It traps the person that once was, inside of a shell that is slowly dying around them. But…..what if that person…..was a God? That’s the basic hook for this story. I was a bit reminded of the persona of Donald Blake and The Mighty Thor as I read this book. A connection that can turn a frail mortal into a powerful god.

I liked the concept of the story, however I found the dialogue a bit muddled. Almost like the writer was using a dialect or “Twang” he wasn’t used to .The comic is set in West Texas, so the story is written in  a bit of a “y’ all” tone, and I found some of the written mannerisms distracted from the flow of the story.

I enjoyed the art of Geoff Shaw, and with the exception of a few panels, I found the depictions flowed nicely with the storyline. I’d characterize his style as “sweeping and rustic” and I’d probably pick up a book in the future based on just his art alone.

Colorist did a fine job of bringing the story to life in mixtures of earth tones that meshed well together.

I’ll probably end up buying the second issue since the antagonist never really reared his head until the last panel. It wasn’t my favourite book this month, but it was a nice surprise. Would have liked to have seen the storyline furthered along a bit more but we’ll see where it’s going.

Green Lantern Corps



I don’t blame DC for going back to the well on this one. The character and lore itself has a vast amount of story to be told that was barely grazed  in GREEN LANTERN in 2011.Also glad to hear they are starting fresh.

David Goyer is writing the script for this one along a gent named Justin Rhodes whose work I don’t think I have seen .I loved Batman Begins and think it’s one of the best “BATMAN” movies out there. However, he also wrote Batman VS Superman which gives me a bit of pause.

Of all the movie franchises out there, this is probably the one I’d be more them willing to see a “do-over” done on. The fact it includes both Hall Jordan AND John Stewart is a plus for me. I’m not sure how much “Lethal Weapon in space” does for me but I hope it’s a little more fun the last one( Staring Ryan Reynolds…..was not fun…..yeah, the Deadpool guy….did an unfunny movie. That’s how bad it was).

George Miller was once attached to it and after seeing “FURY ROAD” I’d love to see his take on that corner of the DC Universe.

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Stars Wars Statement concerning Princess Leia



This story must have gotten some traction for them to feel that they had to release a statement on it. The jist of it is ,that they have no intention (for now) in recreating Princess Leia for the new, or any, of the new Star Wars movies.I would suspect it MUST have been thought upon ,depending on how the next movie is going to end.

This brings to mind 65 year old Mark Hamill though. Ghoulish as it may sound, there must have been some discussion as to what might happen if he passed away before his time in the Star Wars universe was done. I stand beside my assessment John(Stony) and I discussed on the podcast that this discussion may end up in wills and as part of some “legal legacy” process. oh, and money…money will play into also. Inspiration source for this article is Link below.