Which villain is Sigourney Weaver playing in the Defenders?



Even though the hostess with the mostess Entertainment weekly has released a photo of Sigourney weaver from the set of the new Defenders series there is nary a hint of who she will be playing other than “Alexandra” which could turn out very much to be a Red Herring.

I would suspect that whoever she plays it will be mystical in nature as she’s not really in her prime “Aliens” bad ass years but she’s always had a zen, mystical vibe to her. I personally think she is ” The Beast of the Hand” .Doing a take on “Shadowland ” here would not be the worst of ideas. I’ve heard some whacky theories thrown out there(Silvermane!?!)but at first glance it seems more of a covert role.

Defenders shows up this summer on NETFLIX

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