First Look at the Defenders


That’s a pretty neat look. I’ve been looking forward to this series since the beginning of the Marvel series on Netflix. I think Sigourney Weaver is a fantastic choice as the villain and can go toe to toe with any the heroes in this series and the actors that play them. EW took the photo so they get the credit……enjoy

This Week’s Cover: Meet ‘The Defenders’ in EW’s exclusive first look

Kong: Skull Island

A new international trailer for Japan shows some snippets of the new creatures in this movie. I was very much on the fence about this film, but John Goodman(especially after his acting job in 10 Cloverfield Lane), Sam Jackson(cuz he’s Samuel *Fuckin!* Jackson), John .C. Reilly, and Tom Hiddleston put this film firmly in the” must see” corner for me.

It’s like they put out a casting call for “Hip, Cool, Hollywood people” and they all showed up. PLUS, I will get to get my first look at the new Captain Marvel, Brie Larson, showing off her action chops. Film is out Mar.10th this year

FOX and the X-men



My understanding via those wily rascals at Deadline is that we are about to see(hopefully this year) a new mutant based series from FOX. The series has loosely been described as two parents who discover their children have mutant powers and are forced on the run due to this fact the government is hostile to this gene based fact.(If these kids turn out to be Hispanic and the main villain is Trumpneto I call shenanigans on you FOX!!!!”).

I do have to admit that the promos for “LEGION” on FX have not been curling my toes so I’m glad this show is being added to the X-universe. I also hope they incorporate it into the main movie universe(pick one)and not try to do a standalone(looking at you Gotham).This could be a great introduction for the Morlocks(I know, I know….A BETTER introduction)or possibly some other 3rd or 4th tier X-characters.

The Mutant universe still needs to find it’s “Netflix” where it’s darker, grittier characters can have a chance to shine.

I’ve watched Burn Notice so I know Matt Nix can do good TV. He’s also produced with Bryan Singer and Jeph Loeb. Would be good to get those two into couples therapy to see if we can get the X and Marvel universes back together where they belong.

Source Material from Deadline below.

‘X-Men’ Drama Nears Pilot Order At Fox



Peter Dinklage in talks for Avengers infinity War.

Peter Dinklage


This is a bit of pleasant news(speculation?).Apparently Peter Dinklage may be in talks with Marvel to possibly join the Avengers franchise. Anyone who has watched Game of thrones knows that any role he may be chosen to play will only add to the film. Pip the troll would probably make the most sense, as I’d be shocked if Adam Warlock was not introduced to the Marvel universe in this movie.

For all the folks who would like to read up a bit more on Pip, he was introduced in Strange Tales #179(Speculator Alert!!!) and here’s a handy reference to his Wikipedia page

I knew something good would come out of having my Game of Thrones season pushed back. It will have given Dinklage the chance(hopefully) to shoot his scenes for these movies. Thanks to our soul mates at Variety for the information

Peter Dinklage Eyed for a Key Role in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ (EXCLUSIVE)