Grimm Tales of Terror. No.1,Vol.3



The re-imagined story of the invisible man. How would you react if someday no one could see you? Would you use your powers for good? Or would you find a darker side within yourself? This is a story of just that question.

I should start out by saying I liked the general vibe of this story. Artist Umberto Giampa is able to capture the dark and foreboding sense of the 50’s & 60’s horror novels very well and the panels flowed well with the story. Colorist Robby Bevard made good use of shades of darkness to accentuate the art. The writing was ,well, a bit simplistic for my tastes, but it did fit this 1 shot story which does have an ample amount of foul language in it .The language did however fit into the character of the storyline.

Like with any good horror story there is no happy ending here. If there is a moral here it’s that you should watch what you do, and know when enough is enough because sooner or later………even an invisible man can be seen

Story: Joe Brusha/Ralph Tedesco

Writer: Ralph Tedesco

Artwork: Umberto Giampa

Colors: Robby Bevard

Letters: Fabio Amelia


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