Riverdale Trailer



I used to read Archie comics when I was a kid. I was a Veronica guy. Sure, she was rich and snotty, but I knew I could change her even though she was made of paper. Plus, she had perkily drawn breasts, and as a wee lad I liked that for some reason.

When I saw the  Trailers for the new show, I realized this was not evenly remotely close to what my comics of youth were. I haven’t really paid much attention to the Archie world for years though I had heard they had “matured” the source material quite a bit. The new show is on the CW which has not really been my source for “go to” quality shows I must admit.

I’ll watch the first episode and go from there. Wait, did someone say they thought they saw Betty and Veronica kiss?!?!?…….

Um….series premiere is Jan.26th


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