The Handmaids Tales

elisabeth-moss-in-the-handmaids-taleThis series is loosely based on the dystopian novel by Canadian(Eh?) author Margaret Atwood that was published in 1985.The basis of the novel is that the United States has been taken over by Totalitarian Theocracy(how timely)and it explores how women deal with the subjugation of this society.

I’ve been a fan of Elizabeth Moss since” The West Wing “,and became an even bigger fan of hers after watching “Mad Men” where she played ad exec Peggy Olsen. I’m also a fan of Samira Wiley’s work from “Orange is the New Black”. Those two actresses and the author of the source material are enough to have me take a look.

Series premieres April 26th  on Hulu

Prison break update




Executive Producer Paul Scheuring has stated he wanted Michael to return from the dead in the most dark, dire unexpected place they could think of……and then figure out how he could get out alive and back to his wife and son.

I’m really looking forward to this next Chapter of the story.It’s one of those series that even when it ended i knew they had enough of the players left to make another movie if they wished.Was very pleasantly surprised when i would out they were making another season.

My understanding is that William Fichtner(Alexander Malone) will not be returning to the series but that Theodore Bagwell(Robert Knepper) will be.Has a man ever used the term”pretty” so slyly and with such genuine evil before?Robert’s only request of Paul Scheuring was that the character not be re hashed and that he be taken places he had never been before.

New season starts in the springs with rumours that it will take over the slot that “Bones” is occupying right now on FOX

If you’re looking for a new series to try with good writing and the ability to keep your adrenaline high and guessing all the time, this may just be it.

Riverdale Trailer



I used to read Archie comics when I was a kid. I was a Veronica guy. Sure, she was rich and snotty, but I knew I could change her even though she was made of paper. Plus, she had perkily drawn breasts, and as a wee lad I liked that for some reason.

When I saw the  Trailers for the new show, I realized this was not evenly remotely close to what my comics of youth were. I haven’t really paid much attention to the Archie world for years though I had heard they had “matured” the source material quite a bit. The new show is on the CW which has not really been my source for “go to” quality shows I must admit.

I’ll watch the first episode and go from there. Wait, did someone say they thought they saw Betty and Veronica kiss?!?!?…….

Um….series premiere is Jan.26th