Redeem:The Beginning


One of the things that irked me about “The Force Awakens” was how one of the female character “REY” could do just about anything on her first try……anything. That thought went through my mind as I watched the natural growth and learned fighting skills of the character in this Swedish short film about a Dystopian society that we as a world seem to building every day.

Dina(played skillfully here by actress Moa Malan)is on a journey to redeem her mother’s death and her own honor, against an enemy whose callous indifference to life makes you root for her from the first frame of the film. It’s not easy though. It shouldn’t be with the enemies she is dealing with, and that’s what brings the core realism to this film.

Moa Malan spent 7 months of martial arts “Kali Sikaran” training for this film.

Each conflict scene is a beautifully choreographed experience where she learns, adapts, survives and moves on to her next target……with the scars that go with these encounters. The beauty of these scenes is that they are messy and uncoordinated by design, to emphasize her unfamiliarity with her new “traveller” which lends the air of believability to them.

It should be noted here that actress Moa Malan says not one word(except for a voice over in the beginning) during this entire film. She tells her emotions with her face, eyes and  body language which has always been the sign of a strong acting pedigree to me.

The narrator of the film actor Tim GreenLee I immediately compared to Morgan Freeman, which although not a bad actor to be in the company with ,was not really a fair comparison. Upon a second viewing of the film I realized he was a more natural fit to the film than I first heard.

The musical score and cinematography were stars in the film in their own right. The use of landscapes and lighting in telling the story was spot on in tone and the music was haunting while uplifting at the same time. Inspiration and sadness packaged into one. Marcus Abrahamsson did a wonderful job on this.

My understanding is that this short is being developed into a trilogy and possibly a video game. I would see the first feature film based on this short.

Please see a link for the film below

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