This is the new trailer for Jason Momoa’s new period piece series. First, I should point out that Jason Momoa has exactly 0 seconds of actual dialogue in the trailer. I can only hope that’s not the bad omen I fear it may be. There are a significant amount of shots of him “handsomely” walking into camera though.

Most of the trailer focuses on fantastic character actor Alun Armstrong which although not well know you would recognize him immediately from his vast body of work including Braveheart, Downton Abbey and Sleepy Hollow.

I’m a bit biased about this as it was shot in my old stomping grounds of Nova Scotia partially, but the Trailer didn’t make this a must see series for me. Take a look


Captain America: Secret Empire


Looks like Captain America is getting his own cross over event later this year. Although I am tired of these events if the quality of writing and storyline creativity can even begin to approach the cusp of the Winter Soldier movie I’d be all for that. Make it about the story and not about trying to cram as many players into the narrative as you can. Hail high quality writing!!!…..


Arrow’s Dark Oracle


My understanding via those scamps at is that we’ll be seeing a darker Oracle when ARROW comes back around for the second half of the season. I’m actually looking forward to this. The character of Felicity Smoak is good for comic relief and has shown significant growth over the last 5 seasons, but I’m looking forward to seeing how actress Emily Bett Rickards is able to go to a few darker places that she may not have gone before.

(Mild Spoiler)……still there? The Wheelchair arc was dark, but I hope this new direction is more Batman and less Professor Charles Xavier. I also think she’s adorable and if I was 150 years younger and not married I’d ask her out for a soda pop. She’s a two picture deal for this article.TV Line article below does contain what may be spoilers so enter at your own risk!4/undefined/


Rebels try to get the Empire to make Leia an official Princess



I was unaware of this rule, but I guess it is a Disney rule(right after putting things in vaults and not letting you see them for X amount of years)that their princesses MUST be animated.

Change .org now has a petition started, that if it reaches 75,000″signatures”, it will be presented to Disney CEO Bob Palpatine.If he agrees to this request, Disney will milk the occasion for every penny they respect the wishes of the fans and make her a real princess.

…..and here I thought I had too much time on my hands.